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How to Set PhysX Configuration in Nvidia Control Panel

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Written by Kelly Houstan

Most of the computers have a GPU. These systems may or may not be intended for gaming, however, they will still have a GPU for the added and improved performance that it brings. Just read this article to know all about How to Set PhysX Configuration in Nvidia Control Panel.

You can use a GPU wherever you want to. It’s not the default, head-to hardware component for games or any other graphics-intensive tasks. If you guys have an Nvidia GPU, then it likely makes use of a technology called PhysX.

What is PhysX?

PhysX has also developed via Nvidia to offload intense processing calculations from a CPU to a GPU as well. What sorts of processing does PhysX offload actually? It basically offloads things related to action and rendering in 3D physical environments e.g. think of rain in a game and then how it looks when it interacts along with the objects in the game.

In order to get hyper-realistic rain in a game, the CPU needs to calculate how often a raindrop falls. Then where it falls, and the impact of each one on the environment. This sort of thing needs a lot of processing which, with PhysX, can be offloaded to the GPU.

Advantages of PhysX

Generally speaking, if you guys use PhysX in order to offload tasks to the GPU;

  • Your games will also run better and more smoothly.
  • Your games will look better as well.

If you guys are thinking that all games use the GPU. Then they do indeed mostly use the GPU, however, for rendering screens. PhysX permits certain functions that are still handled via the CPU to instead be handled by the GPU.

Set PhysX Configuration

PhysX configuration is actually set from the Nvidia Control Panel app. If you guys have an Nvidia GPU, then this app will be installed on your system. If not, then you can get it from the Microsoft Store.

By default, PhysX is basically set to the CPU or it’s set to Auto which means tasks that can be handed off to the GPU are not being handed off. Or also the game is deciding when it needs to hand the tasks off rather than it being the default.

  • Right-click an empty area on the desktop and then choose Nvidia Control Panel.
  • Head to the 3D Settings tab.
  • Now open the dropdown and choose your Nvidia GPU chip.
  • Double-tap on the value for OpenGL rendering GPU and choose your Nvidia GPU chip.
  • Tap on Apply.
  • Head to the Set PhysX Configuration tab.
  • Now open the Set a PhysX processor dropdown.
  • Choose GPU.
  • Apply the change as well.
  • This will set PhysX to use the GPU rather than the CPU.

PhysX: GPU or CPU

PhysX can also be set to use the GPU or the CPU, or it can decide on a per-app basis what to do and which is what the auto setting does. The question is, which setting is better actually?

If you guys are unsure, then you can always stick to the auto setting. However, it is generally a good idea to set it to use the GPU rather than the CPU. You should do this regardless of how fast/new your CPU actually is.

There will be exceptions as well. With PhysX set to use the GPU, you will mostly get better game performance, however, there will be times when a game doesn’t run as well. If you guys have a stuttering game and set PhysX to either auto or in order to use the CPU instead.


Well, That all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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