How to See Twitch Chat While Streaming – Tutorial

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If you are a gamer who actually likes to read chat and play, then you guys are absolutely at the right place. For the audience, viewers must comment in order to engage in an amazing streaming experience. This is what Twitch actually brings it to you. Twitch chat is one of the most famous streaming channels that establish communication between the views and also the creators. Having an external monitor is actually the best way to see twitch chat. However, if it is not possible to get the second monitor. Then you guys can also make use of programs to chat over the streaming game. Just read this article to know about How to See Twitch Chat While Streaming – Tutorial.

Twitch chat is actually one of the most famous features as it gives communication between the creator and the viewers as well. And having an external monitor is actually the best way to view Twitch chat when streaming. But how to see twitch chat with just one monitor? If it is impossible to get the second monitor, then you can use programs that will overlay the chat over your streaming game as well.

How to See Twitch Chat While Streaming – Tutorial

There are many alternate options that you guys can use to read the comments exchanged when streaming games.

 Smart Phone or Tablet

What can be more feasible than a phone? The chats you want to read can come on your phone while you use the monitor for streaming.

 Notification settings

You have to turn on notifications in Twitch for getting the new chat alerts. From the notifications, you can respond without waiting to pause and then text back.

 Overlay software

A monotonous video can actually go bland if you do not perform a certain exchange of words along with your viewers. Twitch chat can also help in overlaying the software on the top of your stream as well. The purpose of the overlay is basically to get the information from the viewers.


You can also take the help of applications that can also help you in reading the messages of viewers uninterrupted. For that, you do not have to actually go into the app in order to read the messages. Apps such as Restream will help you manage all the communication on one screen. It will be really helpful: –

  •  In reading texts from all the channels without the need for switching tab
  •  You can choose the channels to which you guys want to send a reply
  •  Through mirror messaging, you can permit your audience in order to communicate across platforms. Integrating XSplit, OBS, SLOBS and much other software you can generate and insert chat widgets into your streaming channel as well.
  •  You can also keep an estimation of how many folks can interact along with your chat.
  •  Get through the most used emojis and words as well

Establishing Restream

It is as easy as pudding a model. You have to: –

  • Just head to You can also sign up on the website.
  • Link the restream account along with your Twitch account
  • Now under the header, you will get the chat option. Just download it.
  • Now head to the settings, connect it along with your Twitch account and start customizing it according to the features that you want.
  • Options such as transparency and click-through window make it helpful to choose the most favorable options.

Custom Windows App

This Custom Windows App turns on to display Twitch on the top of the window or borderless windowed game. Single motor streamers have to see chat while playing. This feature is suitable for each and every Twitch player who attempts to stay on top, and it is fully transparent as well. You can customize and resize the app via a system tray icon.

Setting up a Custom Windows App
  • If you guys can extract the zip file, then you can also get the windows app. Just look for TransparentTwitchChatWPF.exe.
  • Then, whenever you receive a message, “Windows protected your PC.” You will have to tap on “More info” and then “Run anyway.” If you guys are opening this for the first time, then you guys have to perform this task.
  • After you open the program, then you will need to set your channel. Tap on the button at the top-left to open settings. Right-tap on the black border or on the icon.
  • Then you guys can perform the customizations that you need to do.

So, now whenever you guys want to monitor in your studio and also read the text messages from your viewers. Then you can also opt for one of the formats mentioned above in order to stay in the game of Twitch. Because of the launch of Twitch, it has introduced a lot of new features that have helped it. Make a basic streaming media site into something that resembles a social network such as Facebook. The users coagulated on Twitch can also follow and DM each other.

Just like Facebook and Twitter, in Twitch, you can post your stuff, like share, and comment on what others actually have written. This makes room to follow each other. In this transaction, what happens after some days is that you guys do not want certain followers to stay in your twitch account. You guys do it the same in another social media platform as well.


Well, I hope you like this “how to see twitch chat while streaming” article and understand all the steps. However, if you still have any problems and queries related to this article. Then feel free to ask me in the comments section below. I’ll get back to you shortly.

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