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How to Screenshot on HTC One X – Tutorial

how to screenshot on htc one x
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The HTC One is basically a piece of art along with its alluring body plus its amazing hardware. On top of that, the HTC One also packs a stunning, crystal clear display too. Many often also want to take screenshots of whatever is showing on the screen. Users capture Android screenshots for a lot of reasons — perhaps to share with others how the screen looks like. Or maybe in order to show off one’s high score in a game. Or also maybe to save a snapshot of the screen for later use. Just read this article to know about How to Screenshot on HTC One X – Tutorial.

There is not just one, however, two methods to take capturing screenshots on the HTC One. The first method is actually the Power and Volume Down combination, which is commonly used on most Android devices. The second method is HTC’s custom button combination as well— the Power and Home button combo.

How to Screenshot on HTC One X – Tutorial

Android snapshot button combo

Just as you can on most recent Android devices, then you guys can also take screenshots on the HTC One via the Power and Volume Down buttons. Simultaneously tap on both buttons until you hear a shutter tone, then release the two buttons. The screenshot thumbnail is flash briefly on the screen as well.

A notification also appears on the Notification Shade actually. Press the notification to view your screenshot. Or, you guys can view your screenshots through opening the Screenshot album in the Gallery app.

HTC screenshot button combo

Another way in order to capture a screenshot is through the combination of the Power and capacitive Home buttons. This button combination is also used on some of the HTC devices. Like the HTC One X, HTC Desire X, and HTC Desire U.

In order to take a screenshot using this method, just hold down the Power button for about half a second and instantly press the capacitive Home button. Don’t hold down the Power button for too long, or else you guys will see the Power dialog.


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