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How to Save Mobile Data in your Android Applications

Save Mobile Data
Written by Hassan Abbas

Although telephone companies increasingly offer navigation rates with a greater number of gigabytes, the extensive use we make of various applications can lead us to run out of data throughout the month. Therefore, most tools already incorporate some functions with which we can save data during the day-to-day use of our Android device. We explain how to do it in a very simple way.

Save Mobile Data

Instagram is one of the apps that consumes more data

If we talk about a social network based mainly on interaction with photos and videos, that is Instagram. The proliferation of effects that we can add to the Stories, as well as the increase in the length and quantity of videos and photographs that we upload to our publications, mean that, if we do not have a WiFi network, we have to consume enough data to visualize and share the content.

If we do not want to take a scare and see how Instagram ends with our reservation of data, we just have to go into Settings> Account> Mobile Data Use and activate the tab that appears. In this way, the app will not load certain elements if we are not connected to a WiFi network.

Listen to music without worrying about your data

If you are one of those who always go with their headphones on and Spotify open, you can also activate some functions within the music platform itself so you do not have to be aware of the data consumed by each song you play.


To do this, you will have to access your library> Settings> Music quality. Once here we can select a lower quality streaming so that each song is played using fewer kbps. On the other hand, we can also disable the tab Download by the mobile network so that only music songs are stored in offline mode if we are connected to a WiFi network.

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Note that you can only store lists and songs on your device if you have a Spotify Premium account. You may find it profitable to get one of these monthly licenses to exponentially save mobile data during playback.

Twitter & 280 characters

Twitter is another of the social networks that can reduce the number of bytes that we have available in our rate. And, there are many videos and high-quality photographs that we can find in our ‘timeline’.


To manage the gigabytes that the microblogging network uses, we have to go into Configuration and privacy> General> Use data. It is in this area of the interface where we can mark that videos only play automatically with a Wi-Fi network or that data synchronization does not run as often in the background.

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Decrease data usage on Facebook

If you invest time on a daily basis in navigating through all the possibilities offered by the Facebook universe, you will also have to be careful with the data investment you make when clicking on the different publications and profiles.

We will find the mechanism to economize megabytes in this social network by accessing Settings and privacy> Saving data. In this section, we will observe the tab that we must activate so that Facebook reduces the size of the photographs and limits the automatic reproduction of videos.

Control Whatsapp

There are many WhatsApp groups and conversations in which heavy videos and numerous photographs are shared every minute. Therefore, we must be careful if we do not want all this content to be downloaded into the memory of our smartphone automatically.

To do this, we have to go into Settings> Data and storage> Automatic download. Once here, we will be able to dissect the files that we want to be downloaded with our mobile data and those that we want to do only through a WiFi network. One aspect that we must bear in mind is that voice messages are always downloaded automatically to improve the user experience.

If you are used to making voice calls through WhatsApp, you can also activate a tab to decrease the use of data when you call using mobile data in Settings> Data and storage> Automatic download> Call settings> Decrease data usage.

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