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How to Sanitize An Apple Keyboard, Trackpad & Mouse

How to Sanitize An Apple Keyboard, Trackpad & Mouse
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you want to sanitize an Apple keyboard, trackpad, and mouse? PC keyboards and pointing devices can be a nursery of bacteria, especially many people used it. For example in an environment of school or office.

Daily disinfecting your Apple keyboard, mouse or trackpad is the easiest way to disinfect these devices and eliminate any nasties. Also, it takes 5 minutes to do. Come let’s learn how.

Simply follow the steps below, you’ll need some sterilized wipes – Apple specifically suggests Lysol Wipes for the job.

Step 1:

Initially, turn off your Mac and unplug the power adapter.

Step 2:

Take one of the wipes and clean it to remove any excess dirt, then slowly clean your Mac’s keyboard, trackpad, and/or mouse. Then keep your pressure light to secure any extra liquid from getaway onto the surfaces.

Step 3:

Then, use a moisten microfiber or lint-free cloth and then clean the areas again.

Step 4:

Take a dry microfiber or lint-free cloth and clean over the trackpad and keyboard one last time.

Apple has a support document having some necessary “don’ts” when it comes to sterilizing trackpads, keyboards, and mice, so it’s worth repeating them here:

Do not use:

  • Disinfectant wipes having bleach or sprays in general.
  • An extremely damp sterilize wipe to clean the area. If you having a damp wipe simply squeezed to remove some of the excess liquid before use.
  • The liquid from the disinfectant wipes to sit on the area being sanitized for a long amount of time.
  • Rough cloths or towels to dry the area.
  • Excess force while sanitizing the area around the keyboard. As it could damage the keys.

If you’re a daily traveler, it’s worth choosing up something like iKlear iPod Cleaning Kit For All Apple Products. It costs $19.92 and includes a 1-2 ounce spray bottle and many travel-size antimicrobial polishing cloths.


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