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How to Resolve Internet Not Available Issue On Microsoft Teams

How to Resolve Internet Not Available Issue On Microsoft Teams
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you want to Resolve Internet Not Available Issue On Microsoft Teams? Microsoft also worked intensively on mobile apps. From now and then you can encounter the occasional bugs. After opening or browsing the Microsoft teams’ app for the first time. A dialog box ‘Internet not available’ appears at the top of your menu pane.

This will secure you from direct access to Microsoft teams’ services. It’ll also save some actions in a cache file until the app regains connection using the internet. If you are searching for a solution to this issue then you are in the right place. Follow our simple article to resolve your connectivity issue.

How to Resolve the ‘Internet not available’ Issue on Microsoft Teams

Here are some ways to resolve the issue.

Force stop the Microsoft Teams app

Step 1:

Initially, unlock your phone and open the ‘Settings’ app.

Step 2:

Then navigate to the ‘Installed apps’ or ‘Manage apps’ section.

Note: It is known as ‘Third-party apps’ or ‘Apps & Notifications’ while depending on your manufacturer and active launcher.

Step 3:

Move to find the Microsoft teams’ app and click on it.

Step 4:

Find and click the ‘Force stop’ icon under your screen.

Step 5:

Now relaunch the app from your app drawer.

The app also begins again and the connection should be recovered.

Is App not the Offender – Alternative Reasons

  • No data connection from your ISP
  • App bug, look for an app update in the Play Store
  • Permission conflicts
  • Incorrect permissions set
  • Limited connectivity from your cellular provider
  • Hardware problem using your mobile network chip
  • Botched app installation such as loss of power during the installation process

If no solution works

You can always try removing and reinstalling the app again from the Play Store. However, this will get rid of any errors and provides you a fresh installation to work with.

Note: Simply sign-in to the app again and any installed files inside the app. You’ll also need to be downloaded again. Although, it can’t include downloaded attachments that are saved on your local storage.


I hope this article helps you to fix the ‘Internet not available’ problem for your Microsoft teams’ app. Feel free to share your thoughts, views, and opinions with us in the comments section below.

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