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How To Resolve Galaxy S8 Touch Screen Sensitivity Issue

Galaxy S8 Touch Screen Sensitivity Issue
Written by Hassan Abbas

Are you the one who are facing Galaxy S8 touch screen sensitivity issue? A simple fix would be to 1st find whether the display really has some problems or not. Or is it your screen protector that is making things fussy.

So, if the screen protector irritates you then remove the screen protector and view how the touch sensitivity is with the display. If you are comfortable after erasing the screen protector. Then the display — and Samsung — is clearly not at fault. You must purchase a new full-screen protector that can’t cause display sensitivity problems.

However, the flagship device from Samsung Galaxy, under S series such as Samsung Galaxy S8 was introduced in March this year. Also, it comes in two choices, the smaller Samsung Galaxy S8, and the larget Samsung Galaxy S8+. While Samsung Galaxy S8 features a 5.8-inch screen. Also, Samsung Galaxy S8+ comes with a 6.2-inch screen. Both the mobile phone feature the Infinity Display from Samsung using the 18.5:9 display ratio.

As the display on both mobiles offers amazing viewing experience. So lots of users are facing touchscreen problems with Galaxy S8 and S8+. Some users are reporting that they push very hard on their screen to make it work. But the majority complains that pulling down the alerts bar from the top is a difficult process. Some have also reported about the screen suddenly becoming unresponsive.

Did you know the issue? Why are some users facing this issue?

Seemingly, Galaxy S8 claimed to have touchscreen problems when used via screen protectors such as transparent plastic or tempered glass. Samsung can’t manufacture screen protectors, so users purchase them from third parties. However, some screen protectors have gum at the corners only. Also, Samsung Galaxy S8 has a curved screen, they don’t stick fully to the screen. Although it might seem that the screen protector fits properly, that’s not the case. However, we can’t say that everyone will face issues with screen protectors on their Galaxy S8 or S8+.

Make sure, if you are having touch problems via Galaxy S8. Then the issue usually is the screen protector that is violating the phone’s touchscreen from working well. So, you should get rid of the recent screen protector and try a flip case rather than for your Galaxy S8.

But, before you going to rid of the screen protector, we recommend you to modify the sensitivity for the home button. If you are lucky, then your phone will work well with the screen protector too. To modify home button sensitivity. Head over to Settings followed by Display. At the bottom of Display, click on Navigation Bar and move down to “Home button sensitivity”. Make it at “most sensitive”. Move back and check if touch is working well or not.

If in case it still doesn’t work, then you should get rid of the screen protector. We don’t suggest erasing tempered glass by yourself. You must ask an expert to do it as it erasing a tempered glass is difficult. Also, it leads to an injury if tried with untrained hands.

Also, if you think that you can easily do it by yourself, here are some tips and tricks to safely erase a tempered glass:

Tips & Tricks:

Step 1:

If you want to unstick the adhesive on tempered glass use a hairdryer on your screen for about 15 seconds.

Step 2:

You must try to use toothpick or fingernail to peel it from the corner. Yes, start from an edge. Any corner will do.

Step 3:

Then move a credit card b/w the screen protector and the device, then peel up a corner.

Step 4:

Be nice. Don’t rush. Make sure slow and steady wins the race.

Step 5:

When the tempered glass is out, then simply use the clean cloth to clean the screen immediately.


Here’s all about the “Galaxy S8 Touch Screen Sensitivity Issue”. Is this article helpful? What are your views about it? Do you think that I miss any tip that is not covered in this article? If you know any tips and tricks let us know below!

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