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How to Republish Instagram Stories that your User Mentions

Republish Instagram Stories
Written by Hassan Abbas

There is no week that we do not talk about Instagram news, but there are always important features that deserve our attention. The last thing we can do in this social network is to republish those stories that mention our username. A feature that many users have been demanding for some time and that allows us to easily share content from other accounts.

Republish Instagram Stories

Republish Instagram Stories

How to republish Instagram Stories

The hooking of many of us to Instagram seems endless. But that is not synonymous with that we are 24 hours a day attached to this app, which can cause us to lose content that interests us. And more if they are publications that have to do with us. That is why this novelty is so important that we will always learn that someone mentions our user in his History. An action that will allow us to “repost” these Stories in a very simple way.

When a user mentions us in one of his Stories, we will receive a notification in our direct messages tray. When we open it, a new message will appear that tells us that this user has mentioned us and that we have the possibility to make a new Instagram Story with this content. We will only have to click on “Add this content to your story” and we can republish it.

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We can modify the History that you mentioned as if it were a sticker, so we can rotate or modify its size at will. In addition, we have at our disposal the rest of tools that incorporates Instagram Stories to give more color and crazy animated GIFs. Once we have the History ready, we will only have to send it as we are already used to doing. The only particularity that this publication has will be that our followers will be able to see the author of the original History and thus access their profile. Of course, profiles that want to use this feature will have to be public.

This new feature is available to all users who have version 48 onwards on Instagram.

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