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How to Remove GPS Location From Photos

Remove GPS Location Form Photos
Written by Hassan Abbas

Remove GPS Location From Photos: If you have Location Services enabled for your iPhone Camera, then maybe you enjoy browsing through the Places album. You can also view where images were taken to remind some unforgettable moments.

But what if you don’t need that location information included in particular photos? Maybe you like to post one on social media. But you did not let everyone know where you live. Or you probably have another reason for not like to share the location of an image or photo.

We’ve to display you how to delete the geolocation from images on the iPhone. So what about on Mac?

Well, If you’re working with photos on your Mac, here are some ways that you can remove the GPS location from images.

Remove a location from photos with Preview

One of the simplest ways to delete or erase location details from photos on Mac is with the Preview app.

Step 1:

Firstly, open your image with Preview. You can double-tap the photo if Preview is your default viewer or right-tap the image and choose Open With > Preview.

Step 2:

Tap Tools > Show Inspector from the menu bar.

Step 3:

Now, In the window that opens, choose the More Info Inspector tab (small letter “i”).

Step 4:

Tap the GPS tab and at the bottom, click the Remove Location Info button. Note: If you don’t have a GPS tab for the image, then no location details were recorded.

Remove a Location from Images with Images

If the images you want to remove the location details from is in your Photos app library, you have a few options here.

Hide Location or Revert to the Original

Open the Photos app and choose the image. Tap Image > Location from the menu bar.

You can then select Hide Location, to do just that. However, If you manually input the location details, you can select Revert to Original Location. Once you choose it will remove that GPS information you added.

Export without Location Data

Another choice in the Photos app is to export the picture without the location data included.

Step 1:

Tap File > Export > Export [number] photo.

Step 2:

Also, Untick the box for Location Information.

Step 3:

Tap Export and choose a location for the photo.


As you can view, it really quite easy to remove GPS location from images on your Mac. However, using the Preview app is might be the simplest way to go.

Here’s all about “Remove GPS Location Form Photos”. Are you ready to remove the location details for some photos of yours?

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