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How to Recover the Timeline on Twitter

Recover the Timeline on Twitter
Written by Hassan Abbas

In 2016, Twitter took the questionable decision to enable by default the option to show our timeline in a non-chronological way following its own algorithms to give visibility to certain tweets. This change, which aimed to open the level of use of the social network beyond our network of contacts, will receive imminent changes as they just announced in the official account. Even so, there are already methods to return to the traditional chronological order and even eliminate the recommendations and sections ‘In case you missed it’ that bother so many users.

Although they do not cease in their efforts to maintain a balance between the content published by our followers and what they consider relevant, it seems that they do not find an average term that satisfies all the users. Hence, today the option ‘Show the first tweets first’ accessible from Settings and privacy> Preferences relative to the content has been modified. From now on, we will see only the tweets of the people you follow in reverse chronological order, leaving out all the recommendations based on their algorithm.

Recover the Timeline on Twitter

Even so, it seems that this option has not yet been fully deployed. As we are told in Genbeta, there is a method to eliminate the suggestions of tweets, the ‘In case you missed it‘ and the messages of suggestions to follow.

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To enable it, we must go to Settings and privacy> Privacy and security> Silenced words. Inside, we will have to introduce these three chains:

  • suggestrecycledtweet_inline
  • suggestactivitytweet
  • suggestpyletweet

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