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How To Pre-Register To Play The Fortnite Beta On Android

Fortnite Beta On Android
Written by Hassan Abbas

The strategy of Epic Games when launching its Fortnite Battle Royale on mobile devices is being staggered, beginning with the deployment of iOS terminals exclusively. After the pre-registration phase, now any Apple user can play the game openly without invitation. But what interests us: along with this novelty has come the possibility of pre-registering the game on Android to receive a notice when available.

The game of Epic games is having an overwhelming success, beating Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds in a number of active players and viewers in various live streaming media such as Twitch. Now the new battlefield takes place on mobile devices, where PUBG has gone ahead by publishing the international version of its game (at least one of the two launched in Asia). Fortnite, having delayed more, has already suffered the invite of some clones like FortCraft. It is more than likely that the entire launching process has accelerated due to recent events.

Play The Fortnite Beta On Android

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How to register for the closed beta of Fortnite

Fortnite Beta On Android

Step 1: From the official website of Fortnite we can access the button First steps from which we can start the pre-registration.

Step 2: When entering, we will have to create an account, although the easiest thing will be to make social login through our Google account.

Step 3: After this, we will be asked if we have an account in Epic Games to associate it. It is mandatory to have it to access both the PC version of Fortnite and the rest of the company’s games. In case you do not have it, we will have to enter our registration credentials. After this, we can join our Google account to Epic to centralize all the service and power in the future to benefit from the crossplay they have promised and that will allow PC players, Xbox One and PS4 to interact with Android and iOS. We will receive an email later confirming this step.

Step 4: The next thing will be to choose which device we are going to play with. Our choice will not imply any change in the registry, although it could serve to Epic limit the maximum number of invitations per terminal in order to perform performance checks during the testing phase. Once finished, they will inform us that we will receive an email when the testing phase begins in the same way that it happened with iOS.

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