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How to Post an Email in Gmail Newest Version

How to Post an Email in Gmail Newest Version
Written by Hassan Abbas

This week we have had major changes in many of Google’s services. The complete redesign of Gmail for desktop and the launch of Google Tasks as a standalone application adds a new version of mail client for Android. His main novelties, both stolen from his brother inbox, are the possibility of postponing an email to receive it later and marking as unread a set of these from a given one.

Among the many novelties presented by Google for Gmail is the aforementioned better integration with both Keep and Tasks (and other plugins), as you’ll as substantial changes in the interface and useful tools such as the possibility of receiving reminders to respond to certain messages. But as we say, one of the most useful things that you can now use is the menu to postpone shipments.

How to Post an Email in Gmail Newest Version

When you read an email, you can display the top right menu and click on that option, where you can choose the moment in which you will resend it again as one without reading. An ideal function to use as a reminder when performing tasks. you can see our list of postpones in the side menu of the app.

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But as you already said, there are many more novelties in the Gsuite field. Automatic responses will now also be available on desktop, on the mobile you will often see messages to mark senders as favorites or unsubscribe from bulletins that do not interest us, you can send emails without the possibility of the sender attaching CC or BCC, the phishing protection … the list of changes is huge.

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To activate the new version of Gmail on the desktop, you must simply access the options menu of the gear in the upper right part of the screen and click on Test the new Gmail. In contrast, from Android, you simply have to update the official application to its latest version for the changes to take effect.

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