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How to Play Morrowind on Android, The Legendary RPG on Android

How to Play Morrowind on Android
Written by Hassan Abbas

For many, including the one who subscribes, Morrowind is the best iteration of The Elder Scrolls saga created by Bethesda. No longer for its boundless game world or freedom of action, but for that intoxicating atmosphere created for the island of Vvanderfell. Very much ahead of its time when it was launched in 2002, it has resisted with some dignity over the years, although some limitations of the engine prevent us, among other things, from using high resolutions or an aspect ratio of 19: 9.

OpenMW is an amateur project with some years behind it that aims to create an open source engine capable of playing the game natively in modern equipment among other virtues. The latest released version has been brought to Android, so if we are brave enough we can install Morrowind on our smartphone. We explain how to do it.

How to Play Morrowind on Android

How to install OpenMW

The path of OpenMW is arduous, but it is fully entrenched and we already have a great part of the journey. The objective is to achieve an identical experience to the original one by substantially improving elements of both the interface and the game system itself. In addition, being an engine that natively executes the original game, it can be exported to other platforms and even used to create our own video games without having to account with Bethesda. Currently, we can enjoy almost all the content of the game, beyond which we come across the odd bug.

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The first thing to keep in mind is that OpenMW does not include the original game, so we will have to find the files with the game resources on our own, either from an installation from the original CDs or extracting those from our digital copy acquired in bazaars like GOG or Steam. Having said that, we will explain how to install the android version step by step.

Step 1: The first thing we must do is download and install the OpenMW APK,[ Download ]

Step 2: The next step is to extract the original game files on our PC and copy them to a folder on our smartphone. The location of these files will depend on the download path that we have selected at the time of installation. Special mention in case we have made the installation from Steam since these files will be in Steam> Steamapps> common (by default within Program Files). In any case, what we must do is copy all the content of the Data Files subfolder of the game. This is all it should contain (in case we do not have the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions, neither will the files with their names).

How to Play Morrowind on Android

Step 3: Now we will go to our smartphone, and using any file explorer we will create a folder in the root of sd card  (in my case I have made the process directly from the Windows Explorer connecting the device by USB). On the official website it is recommended to use  / sdcard / mw / data-files/, but the only real requirement is that they are folder names without spaces. Warning! These subfolders bring a lot of small files, so it may take a while for the copy, so it is more than advisable to connect the smartphone to the PC via cable.

How to Play Morrowind on Android

Step 4: Once all the files are copied, we start OpenMW. In the Path to game data files section,  we must specify the path we have previously chosen for the files. Following the previous example, we would put / sdcard / mw / data-files. Apart from this, there is only another important parameter to consider if we are going to use a smartphone and not a tablet. By default, the game interface will look very small, but luckily there is an option to increase the size of fonts and windows in the game. In GUI scaling factor we will put a 2, although depending on our tastes we can use the 2.5 multiple.

How to Play Morrowind on Android

Step 5: Ready! We give the floating button on the bottom right of the screen and the game will start. We will have two virtual sticks and a lot of buttons with the essential shortcuts such as inventory, access to the main menu, the diary or the pause. Needless to say, although the game is fully functional, it may cost a bit to mess around the menus, especially when we are browsing the inventory or having a conversation. For the rest, we can exercise outlander with total freedom.

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