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How to play Beta of FIFA 19 for Android

FIFA 19 for Android
Written by Hassan Abbas

This year, the mobile version of FIFA 19 has more profound changes than in previous revisions to include a new graphic engine that substantially improves the visual section. Although the official launch of the new edition of FIFA Mobile will be on November 7, EA has already released the beta for Android that we can play without any geographical restriction.

The beta occupies less than 60Mb, although additional files are installed during the loading of the different game modes, and can easily reach 500Mb. The other important fact to keep in mind is that our advances will not be reflected in the final version, but the experience will serve us to master the new changes at the playable level, among which a considerable improvement of the tactile control mode (for end!) that allows us to make plays by making gestures on the screen. Even so, the virtual stick is still present.

FIFA 19 for Android

As for the game modes, they are included in the Ultimate Team, so we can play matches both online and against the machine and get envelopes to improve training. In addition to the standard matches, we can also participate in training to get used to the aforementioned tactile controls, as well as in the Vs Attack mode where we will have to conclude a series of consecutive attacks to score more goals than the opponent. The other available mode is that of events, where every eight hours we can play a match with a first level team.

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