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How To Open, Edit & Save .key Files On PowerPoint

.key Files On PowerPoint
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you want to open, edit, or save .key files on Powerpoint? If you want to move Keynote presentations between Windows or Mac can be difficult especially when you open them in PowerPoint. If you want to fix solve this issue we’ll display you easy methods to edit .key files on a Windows PC.

Keynote might become the best presentation software package you can purchase. You can also get this free with any new Mac – but the reality is that it isn’t the most widely used. However, the honor belongs to PowerPoint, and also it’s possible to open the program’s files in Keynote. However, the reverse is quite tough. But don’t worry, though, as in this article we’ll display you how to edit .key files in Windows.

What do you know about the .key file?

.key Files On PowerPoint

After creating a new presentation in Keynote the file saved automatically in the .key format. Powerpoint uses the .pptx format, or MS Word, that uses .docx variety. Essentially they all do the same thing, but not all apps can open each sort of file.

The main problem for Keynote users is that PowerPoint can’t read .key formats and makes it quite tricky to easily move presentations between the platforms. Here’s how to:

How To Export Keynote presentation in a PowerPoint format

For Keynote creator presentation it’s very easy to modify it into a PowerPoint format that your Windows friends can open.

Keynote presentation in a PowerPoint format

Initially, you find the file in question, head over to it, then move to the menu bar at the top and tap File > Export To > PowerPoint.

However, it opens a new window that asks you to confirm that you need to Export to PowerPoint. However, exporting creates a duplicate model of Keynote presentation, so remember that your real remains intact. The latest one is just in a format that can be opened on a Windows PC.

Before creating the new file try to tap on the grey arrow located next to Advanced Options.

This uncovers a dropdown menu where you can choose the accurate format you want. Usually, the .pptx is the one you like to select, but if the person to whom you’re sharing the file is using an earlier model of PowerPoint then you can opt for .ppt instead.

Tap Next, name the file and where you like to save it. You can then tap Export. A presentation copy should now be found in the folder you choose, filled with a .pptx extension at the end. However, it means that you can send it to your Windows chums and they can open it like any other PowerPoint file.

How To Use iCloud to edit Keynote on a Windows PC

When the Keynote file can’t be created after you, or you can’t access to a Mac, then it takes more effort to open a .key presentation.

The simplest way is to use iCloud, Apple’s online portal, which includes web versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. If you’re not an existing iCloud user then you can instantly use a free account. Simply visit the iCloud site and tap on the Don’t have an Apple ID? option under the screen. Follow the steps and you’ll be good to move in a few minutes.

Using your account set up, you can then access the online model of Keynote. Simply log into iCloud using your Apple ID and you’ll be presented with a variety of icons for all the various Apple services. Simply tap on the blue Keynote icon to launch the application.

In the Keynote app head over to a Settings icon located at the top of the page. Simply tap on this and a dropdown menu will appear, with the choice Upload Presentation at the top.

Choose this, move to your .key file, tap Open, and your presentation will appear in the Keynote app.

From here you can simply edit the presentation and then save it as a normal .key file again. However, if you like to use PowerPoint then you can install or download a copy in the .pptx format. If you want to do this tap on the Wrench/spanner icon in the top right area of the display screen and choose Download a Copy from the menu that appears.

Now that’s all left to do is to select the PowerPoint format using the windows that appears and you need a .pptx file that can be opened on your Windows PC.

While lots of the features, fonts, and formats can be shared on various applications. Well, you probably come across a few things that can’t quite match up. In this situation, it’s good to enable the software to replace them with the ones it suggests.


Here’s all about ‘.key Files On PowerPoint’. Is this article helpful? Do you have any tips or tricks regarding .key files on Powerpoint? Share your views with us! For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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