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How to Move Music from Google Play to iTunes and Vice Versa

Google Play to iTunes
Written by Hassan Abbas

Nowadays, streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Music have taken a great advantage over their own music libraries, but even so, many of us still have music downloaded on our phone and played on Google Play Music or iTunes.

But what happens if we change the operating system? Well, in this case, both libraries do not synchronize automatically, so we have to do it manually. As cumbersome as the subject may seem, it’s simpler than we suspect, so let’s see how we can move music from Google Play to iTunes.

Google Play to iTunes

Google Play to iTunes

Passing music from Google Play to iTunes

Step 1: The first thing we have to do is download (if we do not already have it) iTunes on our computer. Once installed, we will open the Google Play Music website and select the icon with three horizontal bars located in the upper left, and click on the “Music” section, with which we will access our music library.

Step 1: Now we will choose the album that we want to download to pass it to iTunes, and for that, we will go over anyone and click on the icon of the three vertical points that is next to the title. We now select “download album“. Before starting the download, we will ask you to select a destination location, we do it and that’s it, we have the music on our hard drive.

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Step 1: We only have the last part left, and for that, the first thing we will do is open iTunes, and select the option “music” in the drop-down. Now, from the computer, we drag the album or the tracks and these will be automatically incorporated into the library. Once we have all the music we want on iTunes, we just have to connect the iPhone so that it synchronizes and we find the music in it.

And from iTunes to Google Play

And what happens if what we want is to carry out the reverse process? Well, although we will have to use a third application, it is from Google, and it is very simple as well. First of all, we will download the Music Manager tool that we find in the “Music” section in Google Play Music. It will only allow us to download it from Google Chrome, so if we do not have this browser downloaded, we will have to do it.

music manager google play

music manager google play

We accept the download and it will start automatically on our computer, and once it is installed it will ask us to select from which location we want to do the synchronization, and one of the options will be “import from the collection in iTunes”. We select and that’s it, our music in iTunes will be synchronized with Google Play Music and we can play it from our Android phone.

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