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How To Modify Mouse Buttons On Mac

Modify Mouse Buttons On Mac
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you want to modify your mouse buttons on Mac? Are you a Mac newbie? Probably you’re left-handed and want the primary as the right button or probably you just prefer to use the opposite for comfort.

Depending on the model of macOS you’re using and might be the type of mouse you’re using, it probably not be an obvious change. This guide displays you how to modify mouse buttons on your Mac.

Modify buttons with the secondary tap setting

While macOS Catalina or later, you want to use the secondary tap setting to modify your primary mouse button.

Step 1:

Head over to System Preferences from the icon in your Dock or Apple icon > System Preferences.

Step 2:

Choose Mouse.

Step 3:

Select the Point & Click tab.

Step 4:

Under Secondary Click, select whether you like to use the right or left mouse button for your secondary click. Your primary mouse button will then follow suit.

Modify buttons with the primary button setting

While using an older model of macOS then you’ll view various choices specifically for this task.

Step 1:

Again, head over to System Preferences and choose Mouse.

Step 2:

You’ll then view an option on the right side for Primary Button where you can choose Left or Right.


Here’s all about “How To Modify Mouse Buttons On Mac”. No matter which Mac model you have or which brand of the mouse you’re using, simply move your System Preferences and choose the Mouse preferences to view which setting you have available. From there, the modification is quite easy!

Are you going to modify your mouse buttons on Mac? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below!

Till then! Peace Out 😊

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