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How To Make Youtube Alert You When You’ve Been Watching Videos For a Long Time

Written by Hassan Abbas

If you are one of those who spend hours and hours gaping video on YouTube, this feature interests you. Announced during the last Google I / O and embedded in the wellness improvements, you can now configure YouTube to notify you when you have been watching videos without stopping for a long time.

It must be remembered that this new function is not an “adult parental control” nor an unbreakable barrier. It is an optional feature with which you can self-impose a reminder that is just that. You are free to skip the warning as many times as you want, although paraphrasing any teacher of all times, “you would only be fooling yourself”.


This way you can configure the warning

The function has not taken too long to be activated for all users and you can find it already on Android phones. To activate it you must touch on your profile picture and then go to Settings. Enter General and there you will see it, above all, under the name Remember me to take a break.

You can choose a frequency that goes from 15 minutes to three hours, or deactivate it by choosing Never. The very name of the “Every …” setting already implies that it is thought and expected that more than once you see the warning and ignore it. It will be repeated again when the interval of time passes again until you deactivate it or stop watching YouTube videos.

Youtube Alert

This is the notice you receive

 Youtube Alert

And what happens when you exceed the time limit? Well, you get a notice, of course. A monkey hanging on a vine takes a coffee and invites you to take a break. This warning only appears in vertical mode, to which the mobile changes even if you are watching videos horizontally. In fact, if you switch to the vertical mode by turning the phone, the warning is not seen.

If you press the play button on the video, the warning is ignored, although you can do the same by pressing the Ignore button. If you do not want to receive more ads like this, you are free to tap Settings and cancel these types of notices.

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