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How to Limit Data on Google Stadia

How to limit your data usage on Google Stadia for Android
Written by Hassan Abbas

Limit Data on Google Stadia: By default, Google Stadia games stream at the best visual quality depending on your device and membership tier. However, for anyone tense about data caps due to their internet service provider limits how much data can be used in a month. This isn’t ideal. There’s an instant and quick way to limit your data usage whenever you’re okay with limiting your streaming resolution as well.

Why you may want to Limit this option from time to time

There are some major reasons you want to limit this option from time to time:

Get 4k Resolution:

If you play games on Stadia via your Android phone then you aren’t going to allow to get 4K resolution.

Support Using Chrome Ultra:

It is supported by Chromecast Ultra. However, it means having it set to the 4K choice doesn’t do you any good unless you’re using that device to play games.

In this situation, you’re better off using the balanced choice so you’re not eating up as much data. However, Stadia will automatically limit based on your internet connection.

Make sure having a fast and strong internet that supports 4K, it’ll likely eat through that much data if you have that option choose. As it goes off of not only your internet connection but the plan you’ve selected.

Fast Internet Connection:

Another reason to limit Satdia is if your internet is fast enough to support 4K when you don’t have a 4K TV or monitor. This is an obvious statement, but some probably think about it.

View Games at 1080p – Use Balance Option:

If you don’t have any TV or monitor to support the 4K resolution. Then don’t worry you’ll only be view games at 1080p anyway. So, in this situation, the balanced option is once again the best fit.

And that’s all there is to it. You can go back into the app and modify this again if you ever need to. Also, you’ll be able to modify the data usage choice through other avenues.

How to Limit your data usage on Stadia for Android:

Follow the steps to limit data usage on Stadia:

Step 1:

Firstly, Open up Google Stadia on your Android phone.

Step 2:

At the top on your icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 3:

Choose Data usage & performance.

Step 4:

Also, pick Limit data usage or Balanced.

This will also drop your streaming quality down to either 720p or 1080p depending on which you select. However, according to Google data usage can reach 4.5 GB/hour at 720p while streaming at 1080p could use up to 12.6 GB/hour. Only those who subscribe to Stadia Pro have the choice of streaming in 4K.

Otherwise, if you have a strict data cap and already stream many of content through services like Netflix. Then you may want to forego game streaming entirely in favor of installing your games on a PC or console.


Here’s all about “How To Limit Data on Google Stadia”. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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