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How to Kill All Bats in Minecraft – Tutorial

how to kill all bats in minecraft
Written by Kelly Houstan

New to Minecraft? Bats are really annoying creatures because of their small size and pesky nature. Although they do not harm you actually, their shrill squeaks can also sure end up being annoying if you are stuck with them for a long time. Bats are useless mobs that actually mean that they are purely in the game for aesthetic purposes. They can be found in caves, spawn constantly and hang from the ceiling upside down when you are resting. Getting stuck in a cave with bats without even a way out can end up being really daunting. So how can you get rid of bats in Minecraft? Let’s take a look at it! Just read this article to know all about How to Kill All Bats in Minecraft – Let’s begin!

How to get rid of bats

Bats in Minecraft are just like any other mob, they have many weaknesses and strengths. Exploiting these weaknesses will also help you get rid of bats most efficiently. Let’s now take a look at their weaknesses and how you can exploit them to your benefit.

Method #1

This method also involves exploiting bats’ light sensitivity as a weakness. Bats can only withstand light more than level 7. Anything higher than that and bats will actually stop spawning in your area and the existing ones will flee. This works just like it does for other mobs that are repelled via torches or any other source of light. In order to get rid of bats, just simply start lighting torches and place them in your surroundings. Torches give a light level of 15 which is really higher than the threshold of bats. When it is lit, bats will stop spawning in your area and you should be able to get rid of them really easily.

Method #2

Bats can also be easily killed using conventional methods such as weapons, tools, and potions. Just like any other mobs, you can fight them off from a certain area as well. Simply equip your favorite weapon and also start slicing away. Bats can also be tricky to hit because of their small size, so we recommend via potions if you have any at hand. You might also want to keep in mind that, unlike other mobs that stop spawning after a while. Bats keep spawning in a particular area when you are there. Lighting a torch or any other light source that is also even higher than level 6 will help avoid bats from spawning.

Method #3

Kill All Bats

This method basically involves via a cheat or a slash command. These commands can be entered in the chat window for Minecraft and help activate many parameters. That also helps you surpass challenging scenarios in Minecraft. It is a really great way of getting rid of bats in the Underworld along with one single keystroke. But, using cheats disables your ability to gain achievements for all of your accomplishments during that play session. You might also want to keep this in mind in case you are looking to fulfill a specific achievement. In order to get rid of bats, simply open your chat window and type in the following command: “/kill @e[type=Bat]” even without the quotes. when you type in, press enter on your keyboard and the cheat will be activated. All the bats should now vanish from the area that you guys are in as well.

Method #4 | how to kill all bats in minecraft

Let them despawn as well! It’s that simple! As Bats are useless mobs, they are designed to spawn only when the player is around actually. This actually means that if you move far away enough from the spawn location, the bats should despawn automatically. You guys can use this to your advantage via placing a torch in the spawn location and then moving away from the location. When the bats have despawned you guys can move back to the particular location where you placed the torch. The torch’s light level will now avoid the bats from spawning again which should get rid of all of them for good.


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