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How to Keep Your Smartphone Clean, Fast & Secure

Keep Your Smartphone Clean
Written by Hassan Abbas

Surely on more than one occasion, your tranquility at home has been interrupted by the shadow of your mother or father approaching with the mobile phone in his hand. His face denotes laziness and bewilderment and yes, once again the smartphone has all the ballots to be thrown out the window for having functions that, according to your parents, only young people understand.

And it is here when you think that blessed moment in which you gave him that Android so they could manage huge amounts of family WhatsApp groups, manage your Facebook account from anywhere or photograph you at unsuspected moments because your aunt Fuentealbilla has not known for years of you and wants to presume as a nephew in the neighborhood gatherings. Since they changed their indestructible Nokia 3310, you are your best-trusted technician and you will have to deal with one of these problems … Boy, fix my mobile!

Keep Your Smartphone Clean

Keep Your Smartphone Clean

The desk that would only make Picasso fall in love

[appbox googleplay]

It is now when your mother is trying to find the Facebook icon and just confused it with Linkedin. The ‘to which I go and find it’ is dismantled when it comes to searching for applications in the middle of a desk more like a cubist painting.

There are applications such as Rootless Pixel 2 Launcher or Lawnchair through which we can organize the smartphone desktop so that the icons appear ordered with the cleanliness and minimalism of the official launcher of the Google Pixel interface.

[appbox googleplay ch.deletescape.lawnchair.plah compact]

In this way, all the applications will be arranged in drawers and it will be much easier to create certain virtual compartments in which to add the icons of the applications that our mother uses the most.

The father who passes the photos to CDs

There is your father looking between the drawers that USB cable rolled with the factory flange that allows you to pass the photos of the mobile to the computer. He has found it and now he has in his hands that little tub of Verbatim DVDs that serves as a digital family album. It is ready to pass the 2564 photos of the gallery of your mobile to discs to free space. It’s your moment to stop it.

As a good son or daughter, you advise him and tell him that there are new tools to host photographs in the cloud. Google Photos offers numerous features to be able to order gallery snapshots online. We can even modify the date on different groups of images to have different albums segmented to our liking.

[appbox googleplay]

This application also allows us to recognize the faces of the people who appear to look for photographs in which a specific face appears. In this way, your parents can quickly index the snapshots in which your cousin Julio appears or those in which the grandmother Margarita captured her best smile.

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This has less memory than a floppy disk

Now that your father is uploading the images to Google Photos, it is likely that he will not come back any more telling you that the ‘internal memory full’ alert has reappeared in his notification bar.

To ensure that this does not happen, we must optimize the storage system that WhatsApp has with the videos and images that we share. The messaging application even duplicates all these files, filling the memory of our device. Therefore, it is interesting to install an automatic cleaning tool such as Cleaner for WhatsApp that removes information that we do not need.

[appbox googleplay]

For convenience, it should be noted that the new versions of WhatsApp already incorporate a utility through which we can free space. Thanks to “Storage usage” we can manage how our chats store the information and thereby optimize the resources of our mobile without installing extra applications.

[appbox googleplay com.whatsapp compact]

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Adding 500 contacts by hand was never an option

The most feared moment has arrived. Your mother comes with that multipurpose booklet that she has had since the 90s and the pencil of the worn Ikea, with the intention that you help her pass the contacts to the mobile. Once again you have lost all the numbers and today is your opportunity to make a relentless backup that sends the notebook to the blue container.

Thanks to Google Contacts we can migrate all the numbers of our SIM card to a Google account to always have all the contacts stored in the cloud. In this way, we only have to have the device synchronized with the ‘Google Account’ in question and we will never lose any phone again.

Currently, Google Contacts has been updated to detect and unify, under the same account, those duplicated contacts automatically.

I have opened ‘something weird’ and I have not given anything

And to end this compilation of common problems, a classic. Your father has the most populated notifications bar that Benidorm has in the summer and everything is the result of his continuous ‘involuntary’ clicks on the terminal bloatware.

We can solve this drama by eliminating all these applications installed at the factory by the brands in the different devices. For this, houses like Huawei already incorporate in Settings> Applications the possibility to go disabling those tools that we do not consider necessary as HiCare, the keyboard SwiftKey or Phone Clone.

There are also some more complex possibilities to remove the bloatware without the need to have the phone rooted, based on installing ADB drivers and start the shell through the command console.

Thanks to all these utilities, your parents now have their smartphones clean and optimized to take full advantage of the possibilities of the Android universe. In learning to manage in the best possible way … .. Boy, give me something to see the results of the World Cup in Russia!

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