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How To Invoke Escape On iPad & Mac Version Without ESC Key

Invoke Escape On iPad
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you want to invoke an escape on iPad No physical Escape key on your iPad or Mac? No issue, as both macOS or iOS enables you to invoke Escape with an easy keyboard shortcut. Follow our guide to learn how to trigger the Escape command on Mac or iPad keyboards.

How to invoke Escape On iPad & Mac via a Keyboard Shortcut

The escape key is the leftmost key in the number row of your keyboard. But not all keyboards are created equal — while computer keyboards and Apple’s standalone keyboards daily add an ESC key. Also, the launch of Mac notebooks with Touch Bars has jumped people of a physical Escape key, which is possibly the necessary keys on any PC.

Moving to the iPad, Apple’s iPad keyboard covers. It includes the Smart Keyboard Folio, Smart Keyboard, and Magic Keyboard. Also, it has an absence of a physical Escape key. Also, though this might won’t interrupt you as much on the iPad as on your Mac. However, the Escape command is relevant as ever — and it’s true if you’re a programmer, a writer, or a power user.

While you can’t bring back a missing physical Escape key, you can copy its functionality using a little help from a skillful universal keyboard shortcut, and here’s how:

To invoke Escape, hit Command (⌘) + period (.) on the keyboard

This essential system-wide synonym for Escape works across iOS devices. It actually moves back to classic Mac OS decades ago. Using iPadOS 13.4, Apple’s launch the key combination to its tablets, providing not just feature equality in terms of the Escape command b/w the iPad or Mac. Also, it’s a viable replacement for those who can’t live without it.

Escape key remapping

The above keyboard shortcut isn’t your only choice when it comes to initiating the Escape key functionality. While having a Mac notebook equipped with a Touch Bar, simply make the hidden function key row, which adds an Escape key, appear by doing the following:

Hold down the Function (fn) key in the keyboard’s lower-left corner

Doing this makes a virtual ESC key seems in the Touch Bar.

If you certainly prefer to execute Windows on your Mac through Apple’s Boot Camp feature. Then don’t fret about either as the Touch Bar will automatically display the function key row with a virtual ESC key whenever you boot the PC in Windows.

Both macOS or iOS also enables you to remap the Escape command to any hardware modifier key:

  • Caps Lock (⇪)
  • Control (⌃)
  • Option (⌥)
  • Command (⌘)
  • Globe

For example, simply set Caps Lock or that used Globe key on your iPad keyboard to function as an Escape key. I wouldn’t suggest using the other modifier keys for Escape, especially not Command as it’s frequently used for several keyboard shortcuts.

Hardware key remapping is available on the Mac for years now. On the iPod touch, iPhone or iPad, this feature was implemented in iOS and iPadOS 13.4 that launched in 2020.


If you want to again assign the Escape command to a modifier key in iPadOS or iOS. Head over to Settings → General → Keyboard → Hardware Keyboard  → Modifier Keys, then choose a required modifier key that you want to remap to Escape.

On macOS, just move to System Preferences → Keyboard, tap the Keyboard tab, and then press the Modifier Keys button. Then, tap the popup menu for a modifier key you would like to modify, like Caps Lock, and assign it a various action i.e Escape, then tap OK.


Here’s all about “Invoke Escape On iPad & Mac Version Without ESC Key”. Well, you don’t want lots of keyboard shortcuts for it.

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