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How to Install Find My Device for PC (Windows & Mac)

Find My Device for PC
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Find My Device for PC is presumably one of the most significant apps and it’s totally free. This app gives you a chance to ping the area of your device if it ends up lost or taken. It’s good with phones, tablets, and even Wear OS smartwatches. You can likewise bolt your device, eradicate it, and demonstrate a message on your device to argue to the discoverer to return it. It’s a free administration by Google and that makes it so pleasant. The individuals who need something somewhat more dominant should look at Cerberus. It does a great deal of similar stuff, yet in addition, has more highlights if you wouldn’t fret paying for them.

Find My Device effectively lets you remotely track, lock, and delete the information on a lost or taken the phone. You can likewise observe the battery life staying on your phone and the Wi-Fi organize it is connected to. It’s the most straightforward approach to follow a lost Android phone, however, there are different ways, as well.

With the rebranding, Find My Device is now a piece of Google Play Protect, a suite of administrations intended to shield your phone from malignant substance. Google is utilizing its AI ability to examine and verify the apps installed on your phone, and keeping in mind that the Verify Apps highlight has existed since the Jelly Bean period, Google is making the procedure significantly more obvious to users.

How to Use Find My Device for PC:

When you’re marked in to Find My Device, you’ll see a guide with your present area just as the make and model of your phone, and two alternatives — Play Sound, and Enable Lock and Erase. Hitting the last alternative will enable you to start using the Lock and Erase capacities.

  1. If you’ve signed into more than one phone, you can choose a specific device by perusing the rundown at the highest point of the screen.
  2. Open Find My Device from your home screen or app cabinet.
  3. Select your phone from the rundown of devices at the highest point of the screen.
  4. Check whether your phone is discoverable.

If you’re not ready to discover your phone or if it says that the device is inaccessible, all things considered, the area administrations are handicapped. Discover My Device depends on GPS to follow your phone, so now would be a decent time to empower area administrations.

  1. Open Settings from your home screen or app cabinet.
  2. Tap Location.
  3. Switch Enable location services.

How to Install Find My Device for PC (Windows & Mac)

  1. If you are a fan of using the laptop more than mobile? Then we have the best option for you.
  2. Just download the Bluestack (link for convenience). Then install and Configure it.
  3. Then use the search bar to look for Find My Device.
  4. Within no time, Youtube will be available on your emulator.
  5. Thus you can enjoy Find My Device for PC.


Above all else, you need to sign in using your Gmail account and that is it. If your phone is lost then simply use your companion’s phone and install this app and sign in using the equivalent Gmail record and it will demonstrate your phone’s area precisely. Additionally, you can ensure your phone’s information by lock choice. Additionally you can delete your information in the event that your phone is lost. It ceaselessly ringing until you discover it and prevent at from your companion’s phone.

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