How to Identify the Best Datacenter Proxy Provider?

Written by Albert Finch

After you have figured out what type of proxies you want to use, the next thing to do is to choose the provider wisely.

Datacenter proxies have certain advantages over their alternatives, namely, their speed, good accessibility, and low price. Knowing these features, it might seem difficult to pick someone among the overwhelming variety of providers that offer equally well-sounding services and promise you all these features to be ensured with their maximum use.

Let’s try to outline the main guidelines for identifying the best datacenter proxy provider.

Datacenter proxy provider versus general proxy providers

When you are trying to single out the best provider from all the options, you will find the same criteria relevant each time. However, when you know what type of service you want, you can add an extra criterion that helps you choose the best proxy provider for that specific product.

If you want to buy a datacenter proxy, the best way to find the optimal provider for it is to look for a company that offers only datacenter proxies.

Of course, you can also get a high-quality service from any good proxy provider that offers all sorts of different proxies. But a company that works only with one type of proxies has benefits that can make them a better choice.

To mention a few key advantages:

  • Customer support fully focused on issues related to datacenter proxies,
  • All attention and effort to maintain the good quality of datacenter proxies,
  • More IPs and other features adapted for datacenter proxies specifically.

In a bigger company that has more products to sell and keep them running, you might face a slower reaction to any problems that might occur.

Another way to make sure that you will get the best service along with the best customer support is to look for a company that sells datacenter proxies as their primary product. They can have other services too, but the one you need must be their priority.

A trustworthy provider

When you have to deal with a great multitude of options in the market, you must make sure that you will not be entrapped by someone who doesn’t have a good reputation that could provide a trustworthy service.

It doesn’t mean that you must opt only for big names in the market. Smaller companies can do equally well. You just need to check whether the company has lots of bad reviews, and whether it is commonly viewed as a significantly worse option among its peers.

That is especially important if you are looking for free proxies. Most of them are not safe, and you can spare yourself the trouble by avoiding them. If you want to find a reliable option for a tryout, the key indicator for a good provider is that they are not giving proxies for free without selling their product for the money.

When someone offers proxies free of charge, and you can’t see that they have other products that are being offered for money, you should run away from such a provider without turning back. You have to ask yourself how they are running a business without selling something.

Free proxies that are the only product of a provider usually have poor encryption or don’t have it at all. If a company is trustworthy, it will surely provide good encryption that you will not have to worry about.

Different settings within datacenter proxies

Although the main differences can be found between different types of proxies, there are lots of them to be found within a single type too.

If you can find a datacenter proxy provider that offers only them, it will probably have all these different settings to choose from since they are working with only one type of product and can put all their effort into perfecting its use.

Datacenter proxies can be either:

  • Shared IP addresses,
  • Dedicated IP addresses.

Shared datacenter proxies use the IP addresses of several clients at the same time. Whereas dedicated proxies let only one user use certain IP addresses that can’t be used by any other client at the same time.

Datacenter proxies can also provide either:

  • Static IP addresses,
  • Rotating IP addresses.

A static IP address is used for a long while until the user wishes to change it. That can be beneficial if a client wants to build up a history of activity under the same IP address to seem more like a genuine user that is not masking their identity while at the same time concealing it.

Rotating IP addresses, on the other hand, are used to mask your identity completely and avoid getting unwanted attention by changing your IP address all the time. IP rotation is essential when bots are used, and you need to make them look like different users all the time without interrupting their work with constant captchas or blocks.

Various combinations of the outlined features can be set when you are using a datacenter proxy. A good provider will ensure the ability to mix them and let you customize the best features for your own optimal use.

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Is the product worth the price?

The last thing to check is whether the offered service fits the price. If you get limited bandwidth for a price that seems too high for you, you might wish to look elsewhere. Also, if the products seem too cheap for the offered multitude of features without any limits for their use, that is a good indication that the quality of the service will not satisfy your needs.

You should always compare different companies with each other and choose the best price for the best service. Usually, it can be a decent choice if you stay around the average price for around the average number of features. Any excess should be carefully examined before deciding to use it.


Singling out the best datacenter proxy provider comes down to identifying the company that sells datacenter proxies as their primary product or that sells only this type of proxy and has all the necessary features for your work for an adequate price that usually can be compared to the averages on the market.

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