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How to Hide Message Preview iPhone – Tutorial

message preview iphone
Written by Hassan Abbas

The lock screen of an iPhone (or iPad, iPod touch) defaults to showing a preview of all the received messages and SMS. That is showing both the sender’s name and the content of their text message. That can be very convenient, however, it also has the potential for oversharing private information. And dialog between others, that could lead to an embarrassing situation or the disclosure of unintended information to others. If you’d instead those messages be hidden from the lock screen of the iPhone, then you can make an adjustment to accomplish your level of wished privacy. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Hide Message Preview iPhone – Tutorial. Let’s begin!

This tutorial will walk you guys through how to hide message previews from the lock screen of an iPhone.

There are actually two options in order to change this lock screen message behavior. The first hides the message preview and rather will only reveal the message sender’s name. However, no content of the message itself will be visible – this option will also hide any pictures or movies from showing. The second option then turns off the visibility of lock screen messages completely.

That means there will be no such alerts showing on the lock screen at all. That will completely hide any messaging activity including any sender name and all of the message content. The latter option will need the user to visit the Messages app in order to see both the sender and the message.

How to Hide Text Message and iMessage Previews from the Lock Screen of iOS | message preview iPhone

If you want to hide the message previews from showing up on the iPhone or also iPad lock screen. Then here’s how you can disable the text preview from showing on the lock screen:

  • Open “Settings” and then tap on “Notifications”
  • Choose “Messages” and then slide “Show Preview” to OFF
  • Exit out of Settings as usual and also changes take effect immediately

This setting is the same in all versions of iOS, from iOS 10 to iOS 6 as well. Just look for ‘Show Previews’ and then flip it to the OFF position.

message preview iphone

Now if you receive an incoming text message (SMS), MMS, or iMessage as well. Then only the recipient’s name will appear on the home screen, while the content of the message will be hidden actually. This will look something like this:

message preview iphone

Note that the body of the message is hidden on the lock screen, only the sender’s name is shown.

If you want to see the full text or message contents now, then you can either slide the icon that launches directly to the message itself. Or go to the Messages app and review the whole message and see any attached pictures from there. This is a decent medium-privacy option that still permits you to get a glimpse of important messages in that the sender’s name is visible. And also for many users, this is actually a perfect mix of privacy while still being able to get instant information about who is contacting the device.

This works the same in all vaguely modern versions of iOS, also even if it looks slightly different

Turn off Messages from Showing On the iPhone Lock Screen Completely | message preview iPhone

You can also disable SMS and texts from showing on the lock screen entirely. This will hide any notification of an inbound message from showing up on the lock screen display as well. No the message senders name and no message preview will be visible. That means the only way to retrieve the message is direct via the Messages app on the iPhone (or iPad):

  • Still, in “Notifications” part of the Settings app, then head to “Messages” and scroll all the way down
  • Then flip the “View in Lock Screen” setting to “OFF”
  • Now toggle all alert types to “None” in order to hide the alerts as well

Again, this will completely hide every single message, SMS, multimedia message, and iMessage from showing when the device is locked. And if you are looking for a maximum privacy then you will probably want to go with this option instead of the first one.

A good balance is to turn off Show Previews and also to enable a passcode. That way you will still know when new messages arrive, however, can only see them after you unlock your phone as well.

Text Message Forwarding

You should also be careful about how you to use another “useful” feature on iOS called text message forwarding. That can expose all of your messages to unwanted viewers.

If you go to Settings, then Messages, then you will see this option listed below iMessage. If you enable it, then you can allow other devices to send and receive text messages. As long as those devices are signed in to the same iMessage account as well.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this message preview iPhone article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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