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How to get the traveler armor in God of War 2018?

God of War 2018
Written by Hassan Abbas

God of War 2018Here We will explain how to get the Traveler Armor in God of War 2018. It is the legendary and powerful Armor that Travelers carries, and when you get it you will unlock the trophy. The Path of the Fanatic.

How to get the Traveler Armor in God of War 2018?

What is the Traveler armor in God of War 2018?

It is a legendary armor that is obtained by obtaining the pieces that Travelers drop. They are giant armed with huge broadswords that you can find in different parts of the map. If you have not seen one yet, you can go to the Muspelheim tower, as soon as you arrive, you will see one.

It is composed of three pieces, the shell, the gloves and the belt. So we explain what you need to unlock each piece and get the complete set. When you do, you will get the trophy. The path of the fanatic.

As Armor, the shell generates a protective barrier that absorbs the first attack. And the gauntlets increase the damage of your punches by 6%.

Requirements for Traveler Armor in God of War 2018

Each of the three pieces of the Armor is unlocked separately and has different requirements. You only have to accumulate resources that are achieved by defeating Travelers. But we recommend you, farmers, all to unlock all three pieces at once and thus get the Armor:

  • Breastplate: requires 16,400 silver and also 5 pieces of Traveler Armor
  • Gauntlets: requires 12,800 silver, 18 trophies and also 3 fragments of Traveler Armor
  • Belt: requires 12,800 gold and also 12 trophies.

So in total, you need 42,000 silver, 30 trophies and 8 fragments, you have no other to farm, and you’re already taking.

Once you collect the necessary amounts go to the Brok store and get the armor. You will get the trophy The path of the fanatic and you will have a legendary armor

Video: How to get the Traveler armor in God of War 2018?

Finally, we leave you a video of Ps4Trophies. In it you can see how to get the Traveler Armor step by step in a video tutorial:

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