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How to Get Back Snapchat Streak Once you Lose it

Written by Hassan Abbas

Get Back Snapchat Streak: Snapchat is one of the most commonly used social media platforms. However, it may quite similar to Instagram but comes with more amazing features. They all are inventors. Many other Social platforms always copy their concept and style with slightly different features. Also, Snapchat poses more security than every other similar social media platform. You can’t log in to a Snapchat account on two devices. Many people prefer using Snapchat. But special thanks to its lots of features and amazing video effects. But, this guide will focus on How to Get Snapchat streaks back (Snapstreaks).

What are Snapchat Streaks?

Currently, the “Streaks” feature on Snapchat is pulling most people crazy. Many people want emoji shown along with their names. Also, it makes Snapchat users feel like they are Snapchat masters. Snapchat streaks also mean that you have snapped with your loved ones for a couple of days, weeks, or even years. To snap with your loved one means to sent pictures and short videos with the friend. The more they both share photos and videos, the more streaks you accumulate.

So far, the longest Snapchat streak is 909 days, which is roughly two years and a half. Well, once you log into Snapchat and view the fire symbol next to your friend’s name, then you’re on “Streak” with that friend. Some numbers appear beside the emoji. Also, the number keeps growing every day once you continue snapping with that friend.

But suddenly something may happen and you will lose your Snapchat streak. That feeling can be worse, and you may also start feeling depressed. However, there are different ways in which you can recover your Snapchat streaks and keep enjoying your most favorite social media app. Also, It feels bad when you log in to your Snapchat account to invent that the fire emoji has gone, or you’re no longer a Snapchat master! But also you shouldn’t worry, after all, we are in the 21st century where everything is possible. Also, if it needs tweaking some apps. You have at least one social fun app on your mobile to maintain your mood. It is one of the most essential apps on your mobile device.

However, before we proceed further on how to get back Snapchat streaks, let’s see how to maintain them for a long time.

How to do a Snapchat streak with a friend?

It’s all begins when you sent snaps to a friend, and your friend replies to you with a snap, too. However, remember both of you send snaps to each other for at least three (3) days to start receiving Snapchat streaks.

Rules of Snapchat Streaks

Also, you want to know the rules of Snapchat’s streaks, here are they:

  • Both of you (you and your friend) must reply to each other with snaps within 24 hours before it considered as a streak
  • Also, you and your friend must continue with snaps for as long as you want the streaks to last
  • Chats “texts” don’t count
  • Snapchat streaks are only for individuals as it implies that snaps share or received in group messages don’t rely on as Snapstreaks
  • Also, Snaps from Memories don’t count as streaks
  • Video calls don’t count but when you share videos using the Snap function, it is counted
  • Adding snaps to your story doesn’t count

In short, to maintain Snapchat streaks, you must continue snapping with your friend for as long as possible.

So what are the advantages of Snapchat streaks?

There are advantages of keeping long Streaks on Snapchat. You get rewarded with unique emojis when you’ve maintained longer streaks. Snapchat will show the “100” emoji rather than the name of your friend. However, when both of you have been on Snap streaks for up to 100 days and a mountain emoji for longer streaks.

Also, Snapstreaks is used to boast about one’s dedication to social media. However, many people use Snapstreaks to evaluate their friendship ties with their friends on Snapchat.

Many people take Snapstreaks very seriously but some of them do fall sick when they lose a streak with a friend. However, we are going to elaborate on how you could get back your streak with your best friend.

Why did you lose your Snapchat Streak?

While losing a streak, don’t lose heart, most times, it’s neither your fault nor your friend’s fault. Yes, the bug could be from Snapchat’s server. You’ll get the time sand symbol if your streak is going to expire.

Maybe you share your friend a snap, and your friend was unable to reply with a snap until after 24 hours. However, thereby causing you to lose your streak? In such a case you don’t call for instant actions. But, what happened if your friend was sick, or the device got issues? You know, these things can occur, and they are unpredictable you can’t be too sure when they’ll occur.

Poor network issues can also cause Snaps to fail to share within the supposed 24-hour period. However, below is how to recover your Snapchat streak when you lose them. You can also use reminders or particular streak reminding apps.

How to get back Snapchat Streak after losing it? (Android and iOS)

Method one: the native way (start it all over)

Yes, this is a sealed way to get back Snapstreaks once you lose them. However, many teenagers would stop chatting with their friends once they lose their Snapstreak as a result of a mistake from the friend. But that’s rarely not how friends behave, cheer up, begin sharing snaps again with your friend, and within three days, you guys are back on the streak. You can also use this choice if you have a small number of snap streaks. But, when you’ve got a considerable amount, follow the method mentioned below.

Method two: Contact Snapchat Support

You could also contact Snapchat support if you lost your Snapstreak due to network failure or any technical issues from Snapchat’s servers. You can instantly contact Snapchat support. When you visit the support page, choose “My Snapstreaks Disappeared,” then fill in the desired information.

You’ll also provide the following. All the details should match the current account. So, provide all the details as per your Snapchat account.

  • Your username: you will find your username in Snapchat app settings icon
  • Email: Gmail account or your account login Email.
  • Contact number: The number that you are currently using (make sure don’t give the number that is not in use)
  • Device Model: You can search these details in your Mobile About section in settings.
  • Friend’s username: Disappeared or vanish snap streaks username
  • When did the problem start?
  • Streak duration i.e How long was your streak before you lost it
  • Did you view the hourglass icon?
  • And lastly, write extra info to Snapchat

You will get your streaks back if Snapchat thinks that the information you provided are correct. However, if your streaks lots is not a technical or network issue, then Snapchat won’t recover it, you’ll have to begin building again.


For those users who feel Snapchat Streaks is a waste of time, It is just like a tag game. This concept stays in touch with our friends daily. Also, It’s a healthy relationship when we meet each other in person. But, When we are in remote places, it helps us to remind us. A single Snapchat streak can change our spoil mood. However, anything that can make people happy is an important aspect of life. So, Streak with your loved ones using Snapchat. Don’t get annoyed when you lose streaks. Just make it again. Make sure Counts doesn’t become more important in relationships. Maintaining healthy relationships for a long time is essential. Don’t use other third-party apps that manipulate the streaks because it’ll ban your account.

Here’s all about Snapchat Streak. Did you get back your Snapchat streaks? Let us know in the comments section below!

Till then! Keep Smiling and stay tunned 😉✌

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