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How To Fix Steam Not Opening

Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you want to fix the Steam Not Opening issue? You can be Microsoft and try to come up with all sorts of awkward techniques to claim PC gaming for yourself. For those who are serious about PC gaming, there is no choice but to install or download Valve’s gaming frontend.

But in case, if Steam can’t working properly. Or else you can’t make payments, or it can’t open at all. You can then effectively locked out the world of gaming goodness. So here are lots of Steam solutions to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Fix Steam Not Opening

Fix Steam Not Opening

Fix Steam Not Opening -> PayPal Stops Working

There’s are an amazing feature that apparently connects PayPal and Steam simultaneously. Also, it becomes fast and easy to purchase games using the famous payment platform. But certainly, this link went wrong, and you’ll get a text saying you can’t buy the game you wish.

In this situation, it’s good to unlink Steam from PayPal and begin over.

If you want to do this. Simply tap your profile icon located at the top right corner of Steam. You can then tap “Account details”. On the new display screen at the bottom of “Story & Purchase History”. Then tap Delete located next to your PayPal details.

You can’t simply add PayPal as a payment method. If you want to re-add PayPal, you must move to checkout when purchasing a game, then choose PayPal from the payment method dropdown.

Input your details, and the reset of the Steam-PayPal link will get you up and executing again.

Execute Steam as Administrator

Let’s begin with the easiest solution, which is to execute Steam as a system administrator. This will make sure that there aren’t any permission or security problems somehow blocking Steam after opening or from some games in Steam working perfectly.

Initially, you can just right-tap the Steam shortcut on your desktop and tap “Run as administrator.”

But if you wish Steam to run as administrator. Then head over to your Steam install directory (“C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam” by default). Simply right-tap the Steam executable and tap Properties.

Then, mark the box saying “Run this program as an administrator” and tap OK. Steam will always run as admin until you return back here and unmark the box.

Fix Steam Not Opening -> Update GPU Drivers

One of the major causes for Steam crashing on startup is faulty GPU drivers. A few years ago there have been many GPU updates on both Nvidia’s or AMD side that caused Steam to stops properly. Also, it’s possible that some unusual occurrence during a GPU update caused it to stop playing well with Steam.

Updating your GPU drivers must be a simple process done through GeForce Experience (Nvidia) or Radeon Settings (AMD). Just “Check for updates” in either app, then install the newest driver.

If you want to roll back a GPU driver, then head over to the official Nvidia driver or AMD driver pages. Here you track down and install a version of a driver behind the one you’re recently using.

Resolve Error Code: -107

You might not realize it, but actually the Steam desktop client uses Chromium. However, the lightweight model of Google Chrome works in a similar way. It means Steam subject to the same bugs as a regular web browser. It includes the Error Code: -107, an SSL protocol error.

The fix to this can be quite easy: initially, remember you’re on the newest model of Windows. Then, head over to your “Date & Time” settings in the Windows Settings app. From here you can toggle the two choices to “Set time automatically” off and then enable it again.

Another possible fix for this is to remove the beta client file and move to a stable Steam if you’re not already on it. This leads us to the other point.

Fix Steam Not Opening -> Remove the “beta” Client File

After executing a beta build of Steam, or if you’ve run a beta build of Steam at any point in the memory. You can then execute the slight risk of Steam not working. Beta builds are less stable than full ‘stable’ build.

So if you’re in this case and Steam isn’t beginning, you want to turn off the beta client without going into Steam. To do this, head over to the package folder in your Steam directory (C:\Steam\package by default) and remove the file known as “beta.”

“Failed to Load SteamUI.dll”

One of the more common issues on Steam is the Steamui.dll error where Steam can’t find the DLL file it wants to open. There are some possible fixes to this.

In a reversal of our earlier tip, you can mark the Steam into thinking the current model of Steam you’re executing is a beta. Simply head over to your Steam installation folder (“C:\Program Files\Steam” by default), then find “Steam.exe.” Right-tap it, then tap Create Shortcut.

Right-tap the shortcut, tap Properties, and then in the Target box add -clientbeta client_candidate to the end of the target directory. But in my situation, the whole box will read:

"C:\Steam\Steam.exe" -clientbeta client_candidate

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