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How To Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working Issue

iPhone Touch Screen Not Working Issue
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you wnat to fix the iPhone touch screen not working issue? Certainly, the iPhone touch screen can’t work or can’t respond to touch. It happens whenever you touch the screen but nothing happens, swipes will be ignored, taps or clicks don’t do anything, and another touch on the screen can’t register any behavior. It’s clearly irritating if the iPhone display can’t work and can’t respond to touch, and it’s not fine.

If your iPhone touch screen stops working, then here are some troubleshooting steps that might help you to fix the issue. The non-working touch screen problem caused by many things. Certainly, it’s related to software, some marks on the screen, damage to the iPhone touch screen or iPhone itself. Or else it might create some other problems as well.

Fix an Unresponsive iPhone Touch Screen

iPhone Touch Screen Not Working Issue

Here are some steps to fix an unresponsive touch screen on an iPhone. However, if your iPhone stops responding to touch and the screen apparently stops working as it should with touch input. Then follow along and you simply remedy the problem. I just encounter this issue myself and so this is the set of instructions I used to fix the issue. For a particular case, the iPhone just wants to be hard rebooted and some space freed up for the touch screen to work properly.

Clean Your Fingers Or Screen

Initially, you must clean off your iPhone screen, or your fingers. If you have a thick third party on your screen protector on the iPhone, then erase those as you troubleshoot this as well.

Provide your iPhone display a good look in lighting and list it around a bit to uncover any obvious dirt, oil, moistures, residues, or anything else that might be interfering with the screen. In the sunny weather, sunscreen is another aspect that gets on a screen and makes the iPhone screen unresponsive. You’ll also ensure that the iPhone screen is clear or clean of anything that can interfere with the ability to examine touch properly. Cleaning it with a soft cotton cloth is sufficient to erase anything from the iPhone screen. But you might want to use a slightly moist cloth to wipe the screen-free.

However, for your fingers, a stylus, or other input devices, just remember that they’re dry or clean. Wash your hands or your fingers properly if you have a lot of dirt on them. Then pat dries your hands as if your hands are wet they might cause problems.

Remember your screen is clean and your hands are clean or dry.

Perform a Hard Reboot

Sometimes restarting the iPhone will resolve the unresponsive touch screen. But a hard reboot is quite simpler or easier if it’s a bit more forceful.

Hard rebooting is quite simple or easy, but it depends on which iPhone version you have:

  • If you want to force restart iPhone 7 and latest without a tapping Home button. Hold down the VOLUME DOWN button with the POWER BUTTON until you view the Apple logo.
  • If you want to force restart iPhone 6s and older via clickable Home button. Then hold the Home Button and the Power Button until you view the Apple logo on the screen.

When the iPhone boots back up, then the touch screen starts work well if it’s a simple software problem such as a bug or a software freeze with iOS or an app.

Remove and Update / Reinstall the Buggy App

Certainly, an iPhone touch screen stops working in just one particular app. If that’s the case, the issue is likely that app but not the iPhone touch screen at all. However, when you open the app at the time the app stops responding as it “freezes”. However, the frozen app can’t respond to any touch screen input at all, but hitting the Home button will often exit the app and move back to the Home Screen in these situations.

When the touch screen is not working in a given app, you want to update it first. Head over to the App Store and check to view if updates are available for the app in question. When an update is available install it.

If you still an issue with the touch screen not working in a particular app after you have updated that app, you can also remove the app. You can then reinstall the irritating app. Relaunch it again to view if it works as expected. If it still creates the issue, then the app is buggy that wants to be addressed. When the touch screen works properly with every other app besides the problematic one, that specific app creates the issue and it’s doing nothing to do with the display or iPhone at all.

Is the iPhone Touch Screen Damaged or Cracked?

This might be obvious from the get-go. But when the iPhone touch screen is damaged it becomes unresponsive, or partially unresponsive, or can’t work at all. Alternatively, when the iPhone is cracked, it might not work at all, or the touch screen might not work reliably.

Water damage can ruin an iPhone display, or the whole phone as well.

When an iPhone has been dropped, it’s possible that the components came loose, which might cause the touch screen to stop working.

When the iPhone becomes obvious visible damage and the iPhone touch screen stops working, the damage is the cause. In such a situation, take the iPhone to the repair center and have them check it properly.

Does the iPhone touch screen stop work?

If the iPhone touch screen stops working at all, you might want to try backing up the device and then recovering it through iTunes. Simply ensure to take a backup of the iPhone to iCloud and/or iTunes beforehand.

If the iPhone can’t responsive because it’s stuck on an Apple logo screen. That’s a different issue and it’s not related to the touch screen. But you can remedy it with a restore or DFU restore.

Does the iPhone touch screen STILL stop working?

If all the above troubleshooting steps failed, then try to contact Apple support. Head over to an Apple Store, or visit an Apple authorized repair center. Then inspect the iPhone touch screen to check out what’s wrong with it. It might want to repair it. It might be a hardware issue that is unseen, or it could be some other problem that you overlooked.


Did these troubleshooting methods resolve your iPhone touch screen problem? Do you have any tips or tricks to fix the problems with a non-working touch screen on the iPhone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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