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How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Repeat Songs

Fix iPhone Stuck on Repeat Songs
Written by Hassan Abbas

Fix iPhone Stuck on Repeat Songs: We all love to listen to songs while traveling, working, etc. But is your favorite song instantly becoming your most hated one just because it won’t stop playing? It repeats over and over again and you can’t figure out why? We’re here to help put that song back on your list of most faves.

Or else, If your iPhone is stuck on repeat in the Music app, Let’s come and check how to make it stop.

Turn off Repeat in Music

Repeat is a dreadful feature if you like to hear a song you enjoy more than once in a row. But whenever you are done using it, you might want to turn it off. Also, you may have accidentally put the song you’re listening to on Repeat without even knowing it. Here’s how to turn to Repeat off.

Step 1:

Firstly, Open the Music app then swipe up from the Now Playing bar at the bottom.

Step 2:

When you view the song that’s playing. Simply click the Up Next button on the bottom right.

Step 3:

Also, click the Repeat choice to turn it off. If it’s set to Repeat, click it twice and if it’s set to Repeat 1, click it once.

Note: The icon is red with white arrows when Repeat is ON. However, make sure that it’s white with red arrows if you like it OFF.


Here’s all about “Fix iPhone Stuck on Repeat Songs”. This may look like a quite simple fix to that song that plays again and again, but it is. However, when you forgot to turn off Repeat or just click it by mistake and didn’t know it. Then you can finally move onto the next song in your queue.

Have you had something irritating like this happen on your iPhone? Let us know what you’ve experienced in the comments section below. Also, drop a comment if you want to ask anything else!

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