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How To Fix iPhone Not Connecting To iTunes

Fix iPhone Not Connecting To iTunes
Written by Hassan Abbas

What happens when you connect an iPad or iPhone device into a PC or Mac but nothing happens? You’ll learn how to fix iPhone not connecting to iTunes.

You connect your iPhone into your PC, but no icon appears. Also, there’s no reaction of any kind. How to get iTunes to recognize the device?

Apple also uses iTunes to organize all of its iOS devices. However, also a task includes resolving, updating, and recovering any software. But what happens if iTunes can’t recognize your iOS devices?

This looks to specifically affect iPod classic owners. But the same issue can affect any iOS device and both Windows and Mac PCs. In this feature here are some instructions to follow if you’ve got a non-responsive Apple device, and also you’ll know how to get iTunes to ‘recognize’ your iOS device or fix iPhone not connecting to iTunes.

Connection Checking

Before moving to any software-based troubleshooting instruction that it isn’t a physical issue with the cable. Without much ado move through these instructions.

Step 1:

Look at the cable is connected securely to both the iOS devices and your PC.

Step 2:

Try a distinct socket on your Mac or computer, and view if that helps.

Step 3:

Also, check the Lightning port on your device for dust. Certainly, the dust gets into the slot or socket and secures the device from making a good connection.

Step 4:

Also, try to use a different cable to plug the device to the PC. If this helps, you want to replace your cable.

Still, face issue? Not helping? Let’s dive down below.

How To Fix Troubleshooting iTunes for Windows

If you’ve got a Windows PC and it can’t ‘recognize’ the Apple device when you plug it, follow these instructions:

How To Fix Troubleshooting iTunes for Windows

Step 1:

Switch off your computer and your iOS device, then enable them again.

Step 2:

In the other step try to update iTunes on your PC. Head over to iTunes and select Help > Check for Updates.

Step 3:

Then watch your iOS device when you connect it into your PC, and then check for a notification. Tap Trust.

Step 4:

If you view the ‘Trust This Computer?’ notification repeatedly, you might not have iTunes installed. You should install the latest model of iTunes for Windows.

Remember that you don’t want to put your device into Recovery Mode when following these instructions.

How to Examine Apple Mobile Device Support

Once you install iTunes for Windows you must install a program known as Apple Mobile Device Support. Follow this instruction to check:

Step 1:

Head over to Search and looking for Control Panel.

Step 2:

Then tap Uninstall a Program.

Step 3:

Also, check that Apple Mobile Device Support is mentioned in the current programs.

If you can’t view Apple Mobile Device Support then you want to reinstall iTunes for Windows.

Mac: Troubleshooting iTunes

Mac also can’t recognize an iPod or iOS device. In this situation, you must try to check the following:

Troubleshooting iTunes

Step 1:

As mentioned earlier, check your USB connection. Then check the slot for dust or try another USB port, try another USB cable.

Step 2:

Remember you’ve clicked the Trust button on the iOS device once you connect it to your Mac.

Step 3:

Then restart your iOS device.

Step 4:

Then restart your Mac.

Step 5:

Check your software updates on Mac. We’ve found that you want to update to macOS Catalina to get a Mac to plug with an iOS 13 or iPhone. If this is important, the Mac tells you.

Step 6:

Once you’ve got security software installed, this could be causing an issue between your Mac or iTunes.


Here’s all about “Fix iPhone Not Connecting To iTunes”. I hope this article helped you to fix the issue of getting iTunes to view your iPhone.  If you think that it is helpful then do let us know your suggestions in the comment section below. Do you know any other method that you think we can’t mention in this article? Comment us below and stay tuned with us! If you still find any issue then let us know below!

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