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How to Fix Cellular Update Failed on iPhone

Written by Hassan Abbas

Some iDevice owners came to know that their cellular connectivity and data recently malfunctioned. Along with iPhone no longer allowing them to access the web and receive or make calls as well. This actually happened to them after they updated to the iOS 12.1.2 firmware. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Fix Cellular Update Failed on iPhone. Let’s begin!

The failure of the iPhone to offer a cell network connection is actually typically complemented by the “No Service” notification in the top left corner of the device’s screen. where the reception or carrier signal is showcased basically. Also, a notification shows on the screen of the iPhone saying:

“Cellular Update Failed – Your iPhone cannot make and receive calls or access cellular data until it has been updated.”

Cellular Update Failed

Before anything else, you should first check for available iOS system software updates. If an iOS update is available (even if it’s labeled as the same version) then you should install it. You can also check in Settings > General > Software Update, or through connecting iPhone to iTunes on the computer and also checking for updates there.

Carrier Updates

Keep in mind that for some users the below tricks may resolve the “No Service” and “Cellular Update Failed” problem on their iPhone, however, for other users, it does not. Another albeit very irritating workaround is to simply reboot the iPhone every time you need service. Since that seems to allow the iPhone to have cellular service for a really short while. Instructions to force reboot the many iPhone models are further below under the additional troubleshooting steps.

Fix Cellular Update Failed

You might be able to resolve the No Service cellular problem along with iPhone through doing the following procedure of removing the SIM card and also restarting the iPhone:

  • Power off your iPhone
  • Then remove the SIM card from the iPhone
  • Now turn the iPhone back ON
  • Then insert the SIM card into the iPhone again

Wait a moment and the iPhone should regain cellular service and also the “No Service” error should go away. Rarely, you might have to reboot the iPhone one more time

Adjust Cellular Settings on iPhone

The other current workarounds to temporarily resolve this cellular data issue on iPhone also involve disabling wi-fi calling. And adjusting LTE data settings to be data only, instead of voice and data. For some users, this may be unacceptable as a permanent solution. However, again this is a workaround, so you can decide whether or not the trade-offs of temporary disabling wi-fi calling. And LTE voice are actually worth having a cellular data connection at all.

  • Open the “Settings” app on the iPhone with the cellular data problem
  • Head to “Cellular” settings
  • Select “Wi-Fi Calling” and turn the wi-fi calling feature OFF – this alone may resolve the issue for most users
  • Next go back to Cellular settings, this time selecting “Cellular Data Options”
  • Click on “Enable LTE” and then choose “Data Only” as the setting (the default setting is Voice & Data)
  • Then exit out of Settings

For many iPhone users, their cellular service will restore and then start working again. Although this comes at the expense of temporarily losing wi-fi calling and also voice LTE. Some iPhone users may find that only selecting one of the above settings changes is sufficient to remedy their cellular problems too.

You should not have to reboot the iPhone for these settings changes to take effect, however, doing so certainly won’t hurt anything. A hard reboot isn’t necessary, so simply turn the iPhone off and then on should do the trick.

Search for & Deploy Cellular Carrier Updates

cellular update failed

Most users of the iPhone may still receive the error message that says“Cellular Update Failed” on their iDevice. Where they should try to find if there is a carrier settings update from their network service provider, and then install it if there’s one available. These updates from the mobile carrier are actually different from the typical iOS updates. Below are the steps you can check for carrier updates (and install based on availability):

  • First, connect your iPhone to WiFi if it’s not already connected to a network.
  • Open Setting > General > About and then scroll down to the section for “Carrier.”
  • Now, wait a bit. If an update for the carrier appears, click “Update” to proceed with the installation.

The carrier update won’t be available to everyone, however, it’s worth seeing if there’s one available to you. Apparently many people have able to resolve the cellular connectivity issues on their iDevices just installing carrier updates. So this is actually something you should definitely keep an eye out for.

cellular update failed

Extra Cellular Issue Troubleshooting

If you have attempted all the steps above but still continue to experience cellular connection issues. Then you might want to proceed with the troubleshooting steps we’ve outlined below:

  • Force restart the handset; the process is going to be different based on the model that you are using.
  • Reset the Network Settings of your iDevice, although know that you will have to note the WiFi passwords as you will have to re-enter them, along with making other customizations
  • If the iPhone can receive or make calls but has failed to receive and also send data, then try some other tips for cellular data malfunction on iPhone
  • Now create a backup of the iPhone using iTunes or iCloud, and then perform a restore using that backup
  • Search for system software updates (general) in iOS through heading to Settings > General > Software Update.
  • Get in touch with Apple, or also your cellular provider, for more assistance. If none of the troubleshooting steps and tricks from above manage to solve your issue of cellular data and network, then you might have to inform the official sources about your troubleshooting.


One of Unlockboot’s readers informed us about her direct experience with iPhone cellular issue also. When her device lost all cellular power after updating to the latest iOS firmware, where her iPhone showed “Cellular Update Failed” and “No Service” message showed up on her screen. And she wasn’t actually able to do anything on the web. Knowing that the iPhone is a cellular device, not able to enjoy cellular data is really frustrating as well.

If the cellular issues are the result of an iOS bug, then it’s also understandable that a new update from Apple will address the matter completely. Although Apple doesn’t give any particular timelines on such matters. Whatever the case is, it’s important that you stay up-to-date along with updates about system software.

If a newly released update is known to resolve cellular data issues with iPhone, then you’d certainly want to switch back to Voice and also Data for the LTE data set. As well as activate WiFi calling once again to take advantages of those features.


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