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How To Fix Android 10 Issues

Android 10 Issues
Written by Hassan Abbas

Are you the one who is facing Android 10 issues? After months of endless supposition, the Android 10 update has been launch in the wild. The latest Google-made mobile OS packs lots of features. Some of them point to making your life simpler. Sadly, with every major Android release, comes a set of irritating bugs. However, Android 10 is also no exception.

Users, having the chance to take the stable launch out for a spin, have claimed some irritating imperfections. Also, we’re here to help if you are facing some errors or two yourself. So, without much ado, come let’s take a look.

Auto-rotation, Active edge, Auto-brightness, Double click to wake, lift to wake, etc. not working problem [Sensors issues]

Some users claim that the sensors on their mobile are not acting as expected on Android 10. Due to which, all features such as Active edge, Auto-rotation, double-click to wake, Auto brightness, flip to shh, lift to wake, etc. stop working. Usually, these problems can easily b fixed after using a factory reset. But it can’t help in this situation. Some users affected by the issue looks to have Pixel 3XL, but some users of Pixels are also claiming the problems.

Pixel forum user also claimed that lowering the Pixel 3 XL back to Android Pie fires up the sensors also the features mentioned above work as expected. Another user claimed that downloading a custom kernel (needs you to unlock bootloader and install TWRP) resolves the problem as sensors start working perfectly on Android 10. But installing or downloading Google’s stock kernel lost the sensors.

We expect Google to launch a software update to resolve the issue with sensors soon. It might be in the next 7-10 days. But if you don’t want to wait and are fine with unlocking the bootloader (will clear data). You can then install a custom kernel via TWRP to resolve this.

Warning: If you can’t update your Pixel device to Android 10 yet, you might need to want to wait due to these problems.

Direct share menu display contacts for Google Texts only

On Android 10, some users are claiming a problem with the Direct Share menu. When you click on the share button, the Android 10’s system provides you suggestions only from Google’s Messages app. But not from the other app. When in fact the Direct Share menu also recommends contacts using the apps you use daily and can’t limit itself to only one app.

Possible fix:

The problem has been resolved now. You just want to update the Verizon app on your device to resolve the issues with the call. So, you don’t want to uninstall the Verizon app for this as was recommended earlier.

Previous fix:

Well, a solution has already been pied for this. Simply wipe the storage for the Google texts app. To resolve the issue, head over to Settings app > Apps & notifications > See all apps > find the Messages app. Click on the app’s name, and then click Storage & cache. Now click Clear storage.

Difficulty while answering Phone calls

There are many chances that you face problems while answering and making phone calls. Some users claimed that it takes time to connect when a call is made with full service. But it creates issues when answering phone calls it takes forever to connect or doesn’t connect at all.

Possible fix:

Simply try to clear the cache of the Phone app, though. However, we think Google wants to roll out a system update to resolve the issue. But make sure to check for an update in the coming few days or weeks.

The lack of switching from eSIM to physical SIM

You might have to face this problem if you are using Android 10 on your Pixel 2 via physical SIM from one carrier and a turned-on eSIM from another. Normally, if you put a physical SIM into the phone, then two SIMs are shown to be working but after the Android 10 update, only the eSIM network is being shown.

Fix Android 10 Issues:

Google Fi team has recommended a temp fix for this. Manually you switch SIMs by dialing this code *#*#794824746#*#* in the phone app. Try this.

Mobile Data not working

Another irritating error is the mobile data problem that might turn out to be the most irritating one for users as they struggle to access the web without a fully functioning mobile data feature. However, users find it difficult to use mobile data also if it is toggled on. It doesn’t matter how many times you toggle it on under settings, it remains tough to access data.

Possible fix:

If you want to resolve the problem for now one can modify the APNs. Let’s check how to: Head over to settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Advanced > Access Point Names. Then modify the APNs from ATT WAP to ATT Nextgenphone. There are many chances that this might resolve the issue for now but for a foolproof fix. So, calm down and wait for the other update.

Not receiving pop-up alerts

Another issue is not getting pop-up alerts after the Android 10 update. The lack of receiving popup alerts can be difficult especially if it’s for alerting you about something important.

Possible fix:

Some of the possible fixes that might prove to be a temporary fix include turning the pop on-screen toggle at the bottom of the show notifications settings.

On the other hand, you can simply toggle off the Adaptive notification settings (launched with Android 10 update) to none. → head over to Settings app > App & notifications > Advanced > Special app access > Adaptive notifications > choose None. However, there are chances that wiping cache and app storage might help. So remember you must give it a try.

How to erase small icons under the corners (Google assistant hints)

Android 10 comes with an amazing gesture-based navigation system. Google, very efficiently we must include, has included assistant hints to help you with these transitions. Also, many users found the hints to interrupting and have been asking for methods to erase those simultaneously.

Possible fix:

Google doesn’t provide you a choice to disable the hints, but you simply try a stupidly genius method to get rid of them. If you want to disable the hint, simply trigger the assistant and move Home, like 5-6 times in a row, also 10-12 times. Yes, we know how weird it sounds, but this technique looks to be working for almost everyone.

However, all Android is trying to do here just to tell you how to access Google Assistant when you have Gesture navigation turned on (as you can’t click and hold the Home button to access it while using Gestures). After you do that many times, okay specifically more than a few times.

Also, if you modify the launcher app, then also you can’t get these hints due to the gesture navigation is recently not turned on custom launcher right now. Guess developers want to update their Launcher app to turn on support for the Android 10 gesture.

Lastpass Authenticator crashing on Android 10

It is one of the most trustworthy authenticator apps in the business. With the help of this, you can easily log on to several websites/apps, without you need to input each of their passwords separately. But unfortunately, several users face difficulty while updating to Android 10.

Fix Android 10 Issues:

There’s no best fix to this issue, but wiping app cache and restarting the device several times should take care of the issue.

Downloads Issue after Android 10 update

Essential Phones or Google Pixel devices are the only mobiles to get updated to Android 10, so far. Both sets have to face some annoying bugs, but Essential Phone users might have it worse. Lots of Essential Phone users have been left irritated with the update. While we are come to know the exact reason behind the stupidity, there’s a way you could get your device resolved.

Possible fix:

If you want to make sure you Essential Phone execute as expected, simply perform a clean factory reset. Or else you must know that you back up/recover all your important data first.

Outgoing calls taking forever to connect

While updating to Android 10, most of the Pixel users experiencing 15 to 20-second delays while making a call. Google also addresses the problem, but they’re probably a fix to this irritating issue.

Possible fix:

Verizon Wireless users also affected the most, so, it could be a carrier problem besides a Google screwup. Either way, to resolve the issue, just check whether you have the MyVerizon app installed or not. If you do, just try uninstalling it and then making a call. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, you might try to factory reset your device.

Fingerprint Scanner Issue – Not working

If you’re facing difficulty after using the fingerprint scanner or updating it to Android 10, then you aren’t alone.

Fix Android 10 Issues:

Simply restart your device should sort out the issue. If not, then try to factory reset your Pixel phone.

Tap and Pay

Another Google’s amazing features, Tap and Pay, has been moved to a various location.

Possible fix:

It was categorized at the bottom of the default apps earlier, but now, you can also find it here: Settings > Apps & notifications > Special app access.

Internet problems after Android 10 update

Internet problems are quite common after major Android updates. Also, Android 10 is no exception. However, hopefully, their lots of things you must try.

Fix Android 10 Issues:

Method 1: Head over to Settings > Network & internet > Wi-Fi and click on the wireless network you’re facing problems with. Hit the Forget button and add the wireless network again to view if the problems are resolved.

Method 2: You can also try resetting network settings. If you want to reset, head over to Settings > System > Advanced > Reset options > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth > Reset settings > Confirm again.

Also, remember to unplug and then again plug the router after 10 seconds for an instant soft reset.

Battery drain

If you’re getting sub-par battery recovery while updating to Android 10, then you must try some techniques to get your device back in shape.

Possible fixes:

Method 1: Try to use the device for some days. The PC will settle in and you simply get the best possible battery life on your device.

Method 2: Try to perform a power cycle. While doing so, simply drain your device’s battery down to zero and charge it back to 100, without any interruption. Now repeat the whole process 3-4 times.

Method 3: If it can’t help, simply perform a factory reset. It should be your last resort as it will wipe everything on the device. If you want to perform a factory reset, head over to Settings > System > Advanced > Reset options and choose the ‘Erase all data (factory reset)’ option. Confirm again to Reset.


So that’s all about “Android 10 Issues”. If you think that it is helpful then do let us know your suggestions in the comment section below. Is this article helpful? Have you found any other alternative that we can’t cover in this article? Comment us below!

Till then! Stay Safe 🥰

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