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How To Fight Against Zoom Fatigue

Fight Against Zoom Fatigue
Written by Hassan Abbas

Are you ready to fight against Zoom fatigue? In today’s weather, Zoom is the name of the game. However, there are no two methods about it. Due to video conferencing, our jobs are going as well as keeping industries functioning. Now, more than ever, we are stick to our PC screens, having meeting after meeting.

Due to economic weather, people are taking their jobs very seriously. It means that you have no time to move around, or also take a proper break for lunch. While we knew about the PC screen’s effects for a while. However, the mixed stimuli of economic pressure, long work days, improper eating is all including to something quite worse.

Well, yes, Zoom fatigue is quite real, and we want to address it.

How to fight Zoom fatigue

You can’t deal with Zoom fatigue as we can’t fully cut out screen time from our workday. Also, you try a combination of these fixes to the best of your ability.

Use a phone call when you can

As the scene is fully one of the sources of Zoom fatigue. However, you must take any chance you get to look far away from it. One method to do this is by ignoring Zoom calls simultaneously and user daily calls instead. As this might cause a holder in productivity. Also, the gain worth more than the loss in this situation.

USe Blue light shield glasses

The usage of PC glasses has been on the rise for the past few years. But in today’s weather, they are very important. These glasses reduce the blue light that is coming from our screens. This same blue light is attributed to nausea or sleeplessness. However, some PCs now have an inbuilt choice to filter out the blue light. Also, some additional protection can’t hurt anyone.

Switch to Zoom audio calls

If you really want to use Zoom, as it is a company-wide policy. Then try to switch using audio calls only, and make your video feed off. There are 2 advantages attributed to this cause. For one, just try to keep your eyes closed during the call, enabling your eyes some much-needed rest.

Another point has to do with the social pressure that group video calls close to the users. Also, make sure that users enhanced levels of stress while they know they are being watched. A solution for this could be to enable your camera at the beginning of a video conference and then disable it.

Ignore Gallery view

As mentioned earlier, the strain of focusing on several parties at the same time is more noticeable than we think. Fortunately, Zoom has an ‘Active speaker’ video layout. This layout indicates only the Active speaker while making the other members minimized. Also, you pin a single user to be the indicated video feed.

Yoga & Exercise before work

Try a simple Exercise just to release endorphins in your body. However, the ‘happiness hormones’ stay with you, and makes your spirits up. Also, it provides you a sense of achievement first thing in the morning!

Get up and walk about (use a timer)

Sitting in one place for a few hours is not good for you. However, standing up every once is suggested for people who have desk jobs. This has been awarded to lower bp, lower weight gain, and also better moods. There are many apps available to remind you to take a walk or break around.

Just try Big Stretch Reminder, a free windows application that informs you to take a break and walk around. The app is customized to alerts you at fixed intervals. Every time you view a reminder, get up, and then take a small walk. Also, you customize the alerts bubble with texts to alerts you to drink water!

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated has been established to enhance productivity and improve focus. As we aren’t moving around a lot, we need to think that we don’t want to drink too much water. Because our body processes still want the water to function. However, one of the side effects of dehydration is fatigue.

Use the Pomodoro technique

The Pomodoro method is an Italian work management technique that employs taking breaks after particular time intervals. The reminder is to set a 25-minute timer, on your mobile or using the Big stretch Reminder app. During this time, you fully focus on your work. When the timer rings, take a short break where you abstain from thinking about work. After 4 work sessions, take a short break and walk around.

Stretch, stretch, stretch

Sitting in the same position for a few hours will cause your muscles to atrophy. So, it is suggested to stretch at your desk. Just like exercising, stretching releases pain in the body. It is good to take a  long stretch when you wake up in the morning sounds so good.

Just try and stretch before every meeting, and if you can, then suggest your colleagues stretch along with you.

Well, Zoom fatigue is not a serious as the recent pandemic sweeping the world. Also, it is best to keep it in check. Make sure you must create a difference between your work like and home life. At the end of the day, shut down your PC, before you enable it to surf the web for fun. These differences are necessary and help you to segment your day to day life better.


Here’s all about “fight against Zoom fatigue”. Is this article helpful? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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