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How to Enable YouTube Incognito Mode on Android

YouTube Incognito Mode
Written by Hassan Abbas

YouTube, despite the fact that it is the largest streaming video stream, does not possess some of the most basic functions. Perhaps this is due to the fact that YouTube is the largest video stream, and not in spite of it. When you consider how long it took to implement a dark mode or that you still can not select a video for later playback, it seems true.

In the foreground, YouTube records all the videos that you watch, but everyone knows it. This is useful because I can recommend the content you like. But sometimes you want to disable this feature and enjoy viewing the video without worrying about similar things displayed on your homepage.YouTube has finally introduced Incognito mode to solve this problem.

YouTube Incognito Mode

Incognito mode YouTube

The YouTube app on Android was updated a couple of days ago, which appeared in incognito mode Google Chrome esque. In the incognito mode, users can watch videos without worrying about their watches or search history. You can finally click on these conflicting videos that you wanted to see but did not do this, at least not in the Android application. YouTube can be powered by AI, but it can not tell what you are looking at, what you are watching, because someone is recommending, or what you are looking at, because of intrigue. Thus, a new incognito mode can come in handy.

This is also useful, where your phone, apparently, is not so close. Friends or family ask you to often pass this on for something or the other. It does not happen to everyone, but it’s quite common. At the very least, you do not need to worry that they spoiled your YouTube recommendations and stories when you give them your phone to watch a few videos. Once the incognito mode is enabled, the application allows the user to view the “Trend” and “Home” sections. Subscriptions, Inbox and Library are hidden until you exit incognito mode.

Like Google Inc Incognito, Incognito YouTube also warns you too. It shows you a message that “your activity can still be seen by your employer, school or Internet service provider.” In other words, as long as the application and Google do not record any actions, your service provider can. Thus, you are not completely invisible.

How to Enable YouTube Incognito Mode on Android

Enable YouTube Incognito Mode

Enable YouTube Incognito Mode

To start incognito mode, click the icon for your account in the upper-right corner of the YouTube app for Android. Here you will find the Include Incognito option directly above the settings. The application will display the bar at the bottom of the screen in incognito mode. It displays the message “You are incognito” all the time while you are in incognito mode. This will also replace your account icon with the Google Incognito mode detector. After a period of inactivity, the incognito mode is automatically turned off, which is a pleasant touch. You can manually turn it off by clicking the incognito icon in the upper right corner and selecting “Disable incognito” or select it on any hidden tab.

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Although the incognito mode is very valuable, the implementation is not ideal, or maybe it is ideal, depending on who you ask. Since this is an incognito mode, nothing is seen, search or browsing is not recorded. However, you can not watch the age of content without signing, in which the goal wins for many users. If this is good or bad for discussion, we just felt that it should be mentioned. Although we point out things, it should also be noted that YouTube has never allowed this before on the desktop. That is, even if you need to watch YouTube in incognito mode in Chrome or just try to watch content limited in age, without logging in, it was impossible.

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It makes sense then that YouTube wants to keep it that way. Not that creating a fake account with information about false age is very difficult, but it adds some level of inconvenience. This may be enough to stay away from a large number of users who do not meet the age requirements, if not all.

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