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How to Enable Youtube Background Playback for Free on Android 7.0 or Above

Written by Hassan Abbas

YouTube is an excellent place for all your basic audio and video needs. But you can not just plug in headphones, select a playlist and save the phone in your pocket without subscribing to YouTube Red, which costs $9.99 a month for free playback and background playback. If you can not pay only for background reproduction, there are other ways.

If you use Android KitKat, Lollipop or Marshmallow, then you will know that there are Xposed modules that allow you to block ads on YouTube and enable background playback. However, Xposed has not yet been updated to be compatible with Android Nougat. There is another option to install a modified version of YouTube, but some users do not trust the fashion apps they do not know about. This leaves us with a manual way and modding the YouTube application.

Lucky Patcher Youtube

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Download & Install Lucky Patcher

For YouTube to enable background playback in Android 7.0 or higher, we just have to “program” the application. To do this, start by installing the Lucky Patcher application, then open it and grant root authority.

Download Lucky Patcher

Install Lucky Patcher

Apply Custom Patches to YouTube

Here is an interesting part … in fact, the YouTube correction. When prompted, allow Lucky Patcher to update so that the latest patches are available to you.

Next, select YouTube from the list, then click on “Open the patch menu“. You can get a system application warning if YouTube is installed as a system application, so click “Yes” if prompted. Click on “Custom Patch”, choose all of them and then click on “Apply”. When you’re finished, wait a few seconds for the YouTube problem to be resolved.

Patch Youtube

Enjoy the Patched Version

Open YouTube, select your song, playlist or video of your choice, and click on the “Back” button until you exit the application. Background play YouTube will take effect immediately, and a permanent notification will allow you to search for tracks (you can discard background play, it will only be shown when the background is played for the first time). to enjoy.

Youtube Background Play

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