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How to Efficiently Set Up Your Keynote Presentation

Efficiently Set Up Your Keynote Presentation
Written by Hassan Abbas

When you sit down and about to create a new Keynote slideshow, there are some things you can do from the start that will make it quite easier and simpler. After setting up a presentation using tweaks we’ll display you, you can make the work of creating a slideshow quite simpler. This enables you to pay attention to how best to present your content. Here’s how you efficiently set up a new presentation in Keynote.

How to Set up a Keynote Presentation on Mac

Initiate with a theme

Sometimes, you can initiate with a blank slate, it’s quite easier, to start with a theme. This gives you a look and feels for the type of slideshow you’re creating so you have a jumpstart.

Step 1:

Simply, open Keynote on your Mac and tap the New Document button.

Step 2:

You can choose Standard or Wide at the top and browse many theme choices. For instance, if you make a slideshow for your classroom, simply choose the Chalkboard theme. Or for a photo-filled presentation, select the Photo Essay or Photo Portfolio theme.

After opening the presentation window, you’ll have your theme right there. If you add a new slide you will add it according to that theme. However, the background and font style, making it quite simple to keep the appearance consistent without additional work.

Add your slides

While having the items for your presentation ready and waiting, then adding your slides is the best next step. That way, you have the shell for your slideshow and simply add your content.

Step 1:

Tap the View button in the toolbar and select Navigator or tap View > Navigator from the menu bar.

This view allows you to view each slide you add to your presentation on the left and reorder those slides with a simple drag-and-drop action.

Step 2:

Tap the Add Slide button in the toolbar and choose the next slide you like. Every slideshow offers the same selection of slides from those using a title in some spots to those having a list to others with images only.

When you select the slides, you’ll then view the placeholders for text and images conveniently arranged for you. Also, this provides you an instant way to add your own content when you’re ready.

While having your theme and your slides and begin adding your content into the placeholders. However, simply format your text and images by choosing one and tapping the Format button on the top right.

Remove a slide

However, if you change your mind about one of the slides, you can remove or delete it quickly. Choose the slide and do one of the following:

  • Hit your Delete
  • Right-tap and select Delete.
  • Tap Edit > Delete from the menu bar.

Ready your document

There are some more things while setting up your presentation. You can have it play automatically, loop, and add music.

Step 1:

Initially, tap the Document button located on the top right of the Keynote window.

Step 2:

Now select Document to set up an automatic play, looping, or a self-playing presentation. Also, pick Audio to include background music or a soundtrack.

How to Set up a Keynote Presentation on iPad or iPhone

Initiate with a theme

Similar to Mac, making a presentation with a theme provides you a head start with the font style, background, and placeholders.

Step 1:

Simply, open Keynote on your Mac and tap the New Document button.

Step 2:

Choose Standard or Wide located at the top and pick a theme. You’ll also view the same themes on iOS that you do on your Mac.

Add/Include your slides

Click the plus (+) sign at the bottom of the Navigator on the left and choose a slide.

Also, If you want to rearrange your slides, choose and hold one, also drag it to its latest spot and release.

If you want to customize a slide, pick it and click the Format icon at the top. However, for some part of the slide, like a text box or picture, choose just that section and click the Format icon.

Remove/Delete a slide

To delete a slide you don’t want, click and hold the slide until you view the shortcut menu. Also, click Delete.

Ready your document

However, for document settings like those on Mac for music, auto-play, and other features. Simply click the More (three-dot) icon. Also, for self-playing slideshows or looping, click Settings > Presentation Type on the More screen.

Click Done when you complete adjusting the settings.


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