How to Edit VCF File in Windows 10 – Tutorial

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Email apps and services, and also messaging apps can keep a list of people you mostly message. Most apps and services let you export these people. Also, including your contacts and can likewise import them from other apps and services. There are loads of email and messaging apps and also they don’t all connect along with each other. That’s why the contacts are exported and imported as VCF files as well. Email and messaging apps can also edit VCF files, but, if you want to edit a VCF file without an email or messaging app as well. You can do that along with some limitations. Just read this article to know all about How to Edit VCF File in Windows 10 – Tutorial. Let’s start!

How to Edit VCF File in Windows 10 – Tutorial

You can use almost any text editor in order to edit a VCF file. To open the file on Windows 10, just right-tap on it and select the Open With option. Choose Notepad from the list of apps, or if you guys prefer a much cleaner interface for editing the VCF file, you can also use Notepad++ rather.

The contents of the VCF file will differ based on which app or service, or also device the contact was created on. Such as, the contents of a VCF file for a contact exported from iCloud can also be seen in the screenshot below. The contact was originally created on an iPhone that is why you see Apple Inc./iOS 11.1//EN in the file.

Note: Some information has been edited for privacy.

If you guys want to change the phone number, name, or email you can easily find those fields in the file. There is some information that you won’t be able to edit. For example, in the file contents above, you guys can see there’s a field called ‘X-Activity-Alert’ that is for a custom alert that was set up for the contact on an iPhone as well. This field can’t be edited and it won’t be present in the VCF file for a contact that was actually exported from Gmail.


After you guys edit the file, you can just save the change along with the Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut. This only works for text-based information e.g., names, and phone numbers, etc. VCF files also contain images i.e., profile pictures and that is not something you can edit with any text editor actually. If what you essentially want to edit is the image saved for a contact, you guys are going to have to go via an email app like Outlook or a service. Such as Gmail Contacts that has an interface for editing that specific field. Both mobile and desktop apps or services will do. However, since you’re dealing with a VCF file, it’s easiest to import it on your desktop.

If you guys are editing a VCF file, you should be careful about how the information is synced. Most services and apps sync contacts somewhere online so the edits might be overwritten as well.


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