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How To Edit Accounts in Reminders On iOS Devices

Edit Accounts in Reminders
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you want to edit accounts in Reminders? The Reminders app is a dreadful tool for keeping records of lists, to-dos, as well as reminders. One of the amazing features of Reminders is that you can also use it for other accounts. So with iCloud, you can also use Reminders for your Yahoo, Google, or Exchange accounts.

While setting up these different accounts on your iOS, you have the ability to turn on Reminders. But if you can’t take the time while doing so you can connect your account, you might be searching how to do it later.

Our guide displays you how to edit the accounts you view and use in Reminders on iOS.

How To Edit Accounts via Reminders

If you want to add or remove accounts for the Reminders app, then move to Settings and then follow these instructions carefully.

Edit Accounts in Reminders

Step 1:

Move to Settings, choose Passwords & Accounts.

Step 2:

Select the account from those on your list.

Step 3:

Also, use the toggle located next to Reminders to turn on or off it.

While using an account in Reminders and select to turn off it, you’ll be asked to confirm as those reminders will be removed.

Collapsing & Expanding Reminders Accounts

Although it’s a simple or easy thing, you can just collapse accounts in the Reminders app that you don’t like to view your lists for. For example, you have a Hotmail or Exchange folder for that account that has lots of reminders.

Simply click the arrow located next to that account/folder to collapse it. This enables you to just view the name of the account/folder rather than everything within it.

Also, it provides you another way to precipitate the view in Reminders without actually erasing or deleting the account.


Here’s all about ‘Edit Accounts in Reminders On iOS Devices. If you think that it is helpful then do let us know your suggestions in the comment section below. Do you know any alternative method that we can’t covered in this article? Comment us below and stay tuned with us!

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