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How to easily change the IP of your Android device

Written by Hassan Abbas

androidChanging the IP of your Android device is a very important issue, which should be taken into account when we want to protect our identity, or protect our data when browsing.

It is known that our devices keep a great range of private information that belongs to us, however, once we store them there it is essential to know when they will stop belonging to us and start to filter in the networks. For this reason, it is sometimes necessary to change the IP of your  Android device or at least keep it hidden.

They will ask themselves, What will we achieve with hiding or changing the IP of our device? Likewise, we would not be tracked?

That is where both questions are answered when changing or hiding the IP, one would be browsing the network anonymously, so that under no circumstances can they be identified or located.

Unfortunately, each Android device is configured to contain an IP address automatically, through DHCP, thus allowing to connect to any wireless network automatically and in a few seconds.

What are the advantages of changing the IP address of your android device?

Well, we will begin to enumerate the advantages and you will observe that it is an excellent option:

  1. The first advantage we find with the change of IP consists of; Having a fixed IP exposes you, it is so that the pirated computer can steal your IP easily, because it is fixed and it is very easy for them to attack something static, because they grant them precision and ease, for them it is much more difficult to change a Dynamic IP, since it is an IP in constant change and movement.
  2. In addition to the above mentioned, another advantage that we find with a dynamic IP is based on the ease to download applications that in your country have been blocked or that are not yet available in it. Enough of those annoying notifications that indicate that “the application is not available in your country “.
  3. Another very convenient advantage for those countries censored in certain websites and online services, with a dynamic IP can evade all censorship and also, those pages that only allow one download a day will no longer be a problem because you can download content without limitations.

How do I manage to change the IP address?

There are actually several programs to change the IP address, but you can really change it without using any program. However, applications like ProxyDroid allow us to change the address of our IP and our location from the device in a really easy way. Also, you should not be connected to wifi to achieve it, you can also do it with your mobile data.

We also find programming such as TOR and Your Freedom , which work similarly and help us to keep the IP address hidden, assigning us to another place in the world and not enough, if we want to choose the country ourselves, we can also do it with the Hidemantool VPN and that will be the location that will find anyone trying to locate us.

So, these applications are very useful when changing our IP address and thus go unnoticed or keep hidden. But if what you want goes beyond that, like keeping it static for whatever reasons, what we should do is open the settings menu, access the wireless network browser. However, before doing that we must remember that a static IP address is not modified, it will always have the same address, unless it is changed manually.

To make these changes, we must go to the wireless network connection, select “modify network settings”, then click “show advanced options” there will be where we will see a series of options and then we will observe how IP settings are assigned by default of the computer the DHCP protocol.

There we can modify the configuration and change the IP address once by a static address. We can also set up the subnet mask, gateway and DNS servers for our Android.

Those are the steps to follow, you will have your dynamic or static IP, as you prefer. Of course, this can be modified as many times as you wish. Luck!Those are the steps to follow, you will have your dynamic or static IP, as you prefer. Of course, this can be modified as many times as you wish. Luck!

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