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How to Download Moto X Toolkit for Windows

moto x toolkit
Written by Syeda Afsah saeed

It had been a big-time waste in order to look for Android firmware software, stock ROMs, Custom ROM, and flashing ROMs for all of us. The rooting process actually sucks and we don’t really want to risk our Android devices as well. So, just like Samsung, we have Odin software for flashing stock and Custom ROM now we have Moto X Toolkit v1.4.4 for Moto X devices. So we can easily perform tasks in order to update our Moto X Android smartphones in just a blink of eyes.

Initially, Moto X Toolkit was introduced via stillthisguy that software aims to do a lot of tasks such as ADB mode, flashing, and more…

After installing Moto X Toolkit on your PC, you guys will be able to see the status of your phone. If it is in hboot or ADB along with R/W Protection. The built-in options were to get you instant access of the XDA forum’s main page and access to XDA forums’ Moto X page as well.

If you guys can’t see your Moto X connected with your PC, then you can use the toolkit in order to install drivers for your device in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Win 7, Win 8, and the latest Windows 10 along with v.1.4.4. A great feature is made available in the toolkit as well i.e., backup and restores User Apps/Data/sd card. Instead of going all the way from Nandroid Backup Just do it in the blink of an eye.

Other best features of Moto X Toolkit

  • Flash Boot animations
  • Flash Recovery
  • Flash CLogo
  • Reboot Options
  • Logcat
  • Install System or NonSystem Apps
  • Pull System or NonSystem Files
  • Push files
  • ADB wireless connect/disconnect
  • Device information menu
  • Sideload zip file from recovery as well
  • Capture screenshots to computer as well as device

How to Download Moto X Toolkit for Windows

Have you been searching for directly downloadable files for Moto Toolkit? If so, then you must stop browsing the web and also download the Moto toolkit with just a single click.

Alright, folks, I hope you like this article and understand now. If you have any issues and queries related to it, just comment down and let us know.

Keep Smiling!

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