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How To Download Google Installer APK

Google Installer
Written by Hassan Abbas

Are you looking for a Google Installer APK? Google launched Android 10 last year and many Android manufacturers followed. However, lots of flagship Android devices have already been updated and moving forward to Android 11. It includes the newest Android from all the OEMs such as OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, Google Pixel, Asus, and much more. Also, these manufacturers execute their own custom skin based on Android. Xiaomi too launched its yearly MIUI skin using 12 this time. In this guide, you’ll learn about the Google Installer APK for MIUI 12 ROM.

Google apps are a very useful part of the Android ecosystem. Compatible Google apps and services for every Android skin comes alone to the manufacturer. Fortunately, not all manufacturer collaborates Google apps and services into their Android. It either because of certification problems or because of regional problems. Unfortunately, China banned Google. So the newest MIUI 12 firmware update launched by Xiaomi yesterday are China testing builds. So the MIUI 12 ROMs can’t come with Google apps and services. If you are searching for Gapps on your MIUI 12 ROM, then install the newest Google Installer APK v3.0 from below.

However, there are many custom ROMS that can’t come with Google apps at all. So you either want to flash the Open Gapps separately or just settle for Google Installers and Google Play Services APK like this. For example, Xiaomi Poco F1 got an MIUI 12 ROM port. It can also be known as a custom ROM. Also, you can use the Google Installer v3.0 that are mentioned below to get Gapps on MIUI 12 ROMS.

Download Google Installer 3.0 APK for MIUI 12 ROMS (Android 10, 9 Pie)

Google Apps, also called Gapps. They are very useful apps when it comes to Android phones. The Google Apps package or GMS (Google Mobile Services) packages both are consist of Play Store APK, Play Services APK, Maps, Google Search App, Contact Sync, and much more.

Download Google Installer APK for MIUI 12

The initial MIUI 12 builds are available officially from Xiaomi is China ROMS. So naturally, they can’t come with services or Google apps. You can just install Gapps using the Google Installer v 3.0 APK from below.

Note: For Google drive links, install to PC, and then move it to phone storage. Or else it might provide you parsing bug. You might also settle for Box mirror.

List of Google Apps in Google Installer

Generally, Google Installer consists of the following apps, but not reduced to this.


  • Play Services
  • Play Store
  • Services Framework
  • Account Management
  • Contacts Sync Service
  • Calendar Sync Service
  • Setup Wizard APK

How to install Google Apps on MIUI 12 ROM

Follow the steps below to install the Google Apps on MIUI 12 ROM:

Step 1:

Initially, download the Google Installer V3.0.apk and move it to Android phone storage. Then put it in the Download folder.

Step 2:

Also, launch the installer APK file.

Step 4:

Choose the Install button. Enable the app to install.

Step 5:

Then move ahead to accept all the apps and wait a while for the installation to complete.

That’s all. Again Reboot the phone.

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