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How to Download All Your Instagram Photos & Videos

Written by Hassan Abbas

One of the latest news that has come to Instagram in recent days, and that has gone unnoticed for most, is the ability to download locally all the material that we have published with our account since we created it. This feature is only available on the Instagram web client, making that after making the request we receive an email with all the content.

How to Download All Your Instagram Photos & Videos

To request that you send all your history, we must access the web version of Instagram > log in with your credentials > go to your profile and display the menu with the gear icon.

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Inside, you will look for the option Privacy and security and you will scroll until you come across the option to request the download of data. When you click, you will be informed that in a few moments you will receive an email in the account that you have previously specified.

Download All Your Instagram Photos & Videos

In the mail, there is a link that will take you, finally, to the history download page. If you unzip it will see that it is divided into several subfolders where photos, videos, stories and streams live, as well as all messages, chats, and contacts in json format, which you can open with any plain text editor.

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