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How To Disconnect Or Connect a Bluetooth Mouse or Trackpad To Your iPad

disconnect or connect Bluetooth Trackpad
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you want to disconnect or connect Bluetooth Trackpad or Mouse with an iPad? With the launch of iPadOS 13.4, Apple brought official Bluetooth trackpad or mouse support to its iPads. This guide elaborates on how to connect or disconnect your selected input device with your iPad.

Controlling or Navigating your ‌iPad‌ using a Bluetooth trackpad or mouse is quite similar to use. One is on a desktop or notebook PC. However, there are some distinctions you should be aware of.

The Round Cursor

While using a Bluetooth trackpad or mouse on your ‌iPad‌. Here is a circular pointer similar to a fingertip that appears on the display rather than of an older arrow pointer.

The round pointer modifies shape or shifts. Also, it scrolls across various interactive elements on the screen. For example, hovering the pointer on the apps Home screen causes the app icon to pop out a little to enable you to know you can choose it.

The pointer will also change into an “I-beam” over text. Also, it indicates that you can also add it into a text document for editing, or highlighting and copying words from a web page.

The pointer invisible after a few seconds of inactivity. Simply scroll the mouse or touch the trackpad to make it visible again.

iPad‌ Cursor Actions

Apple also introduces trackpad or mouse support so that many gestures enable various ‌‌iPadOS‌‌ functions.

For example, scrolling the pointer located in the top-right corner of the ‌display‌ and clicking brings up the Control Center. Also, you can interact with all the Control Center’s elements using taps and long presses.

Similarly, move the pointer over the date and time located in the top-left corner of the screen. Also, it will bring up the Notification Center.

You can also modify how the pointer seems and how it works in ‌iPadOS‌. Choices included making the pointer darker, modifying its color, making it larger or smaller, and turning it off the auto-hide after inactivity. You can found all these settings in the Settings app under Accessibility -> Pointer Control.

How to Connect a Mouse or Trackpad to Your ‌iPad‌

Step 1:

Head over to the Settings app on your ‌iPad‌.

Step 2:

Click Bluetooth.

Step 3:

Enable your trackpad or mouse, then ensure it’s in pairing mode and near your ‌iPad‌.

Step 4:

Your mouse or trackpad should appear in Bluetooth settings at the bottom of Other Devices. Click its name to connect it to your ‌iPad‌.

Once connected, automatically your input device will appear in the My Devices list whenever it’s powered on and in close proximity.

How to Disconnect a Mouse or Trackpad From Your ‌iPad‌

Step 1:

Head over to the Settings app on your ‌iPad‌.

Step 2:

Choose Bluetooth.

Step 3:

Click or tap the Info button located next to your trackpad or mouse, which will be listed under My Devices.

Step 4:

Choose Disconnect.

Make sure alternatively you can choose to Forget This Device. While doing so it means you’ll have to manually re-pair your trackpad or mouse if you like to use it again using your ‌iPad‌.


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