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How to Detect Fake News On WhatsApp By Using The Search Button

Detect Fake News On WhatsApp
Written by Hassan Abbas

Detect Fake News On WhatsApp: We all fight against COVID-19 — a new coronavirus disease — awareness is no doubt our huge weapon. Special thanks to social media, we can reach billions of people within a seconds, for better or worse.

Most of the people know the positive impact of social media. Well, in this article we’re also talking about the biggest hazard of such services untamed distribution of baseless rumors.

Why it’s necessary to filter fake news?

COVID-19 is one of the biggest threats or diseases we all face. So, we all afraid of it, or pay full attention to every unsettling bit of news we come across. However, unless we’re getting the alerts from all over the concerned authorities, so we must learn to take it with a bit of salt.

These fake alerts-distributing websites aim to create more traffic by violating our state of vulnerability and obsession. And we suffered from COVID-19, we can then infect more and more people. It’s not the simplest of tasks, but in these difficult times, we must remain watchful and try to figure out everything that might deceive the masses.

WhatsApp to the rescue

Whatsapp is our most popular messaging app. The app WhatsApp has an amazing feature, which should filter out most of the fake news and stories.

Whenever you receive a popular message, WhatsApp will show a new search icon right side to it. Click on it, and a Google search would display up for any heavily-forwarded text. Simply check the top results against the message to view whether any reported outlet picked up the news or not and remove the malicious pieces.

Also, remember that the feature on the server-side is still rolling out. So, it could take time before you enter it on your device. If you can’t wait, then try installing WhatsApp 2.20.96 beta from APK Mirror.

How to Detect Fake News On WhatsApp By Using The Search Button

Note: Make sure the search button can’t available for every message that is forwarded to you. Only WhatsApp thinks that a message is very popular, will it initiate to display the search button on the right of the message, image or video.

So, if you view a Search button on the right side of a message you can simply use it to verify the originality of the message.

Step 1:

Initially, Click the Search button.

Step 2:

Click the Search Web option. Once you click, it searches for the message’s content on Google.

Step 3:

Browser through the results to check the news on the content in the message. If there is no related news available on this from trustable sources, then it might be fake.


Here’s all about “Detect fake news on WhatsApp”.  Have you ever use this feature? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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