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How to Delete Past Broadcasts on Twitch – Tutorial

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Written by Kelly Houstan

Unlike most media platforms on the web, twitch also has always made their activities a lot different actually. From making it impossible for a twitch user to entirely delete their twitch account. In order to make the process of deleting a previously uploaded video, highlight, clip, past broadcast, and also archived contents a little bit unclear to its users actually. Anyways, I’ve always got you covered on everything techy right. Just read this article to know all about How to Delete Past Broadcasts on Twitch – Tutorial. Let’s start!

Twitch is basically an American interactive live-streaming service owned via Amazon. Initially, twitch was focusing on video-game play and also esports content. But, it is slowly becoming a mainstream platform for what the company calls “multiplayer entertainment.” Last fall actually.


Right now, Twitch permits mass numbers of learners in order to interact along with each other and the instructor in real-time. Twitch is also used for software development learning, along with communities of users streaming programming projects and talking via their work. Although Twitch does not save anyone’s past broadcasts forever, if you guys don’t want to leave broadcast on the twitch network till it is their time to take it down actually. This is an article on how you can delete past broadcasts on Twitch.

If you’re not new to twitch, then you would have noticed that as a non-paying Twitch member. Your broadcasts are save for more than 14 days only. However, Partners of Twitch and Turbo premium subscribers can also keep their broadcasts on the platform for more than 60 days. However, if you’ve made a broadcast and you guys want to know how you can delete past broadcasts on twitch, welcome to the hub.

How to Delete Past Broadcasts on Twitch – Tutorial

The live streaming video platform owned via Twitch Interactive is stylized as Twitch or twitch.  A subsidiary branch of Amazon, that introduced in June 2011, has also made it to the general-interest streaming platform. The site primarily rules over highlighting video games. That includes broadcasts of eSports competitions, creative content, and many more. Content on the site can also be viewed in both ways. The primary one is via life, and the second one is basically a video on demand. The website has made records through eclipsing 45 million unique viewers and in parallel to a few months. The peak of success was raised to the power of Internet traffic in the United States as well.

Content and Audience of twitch

The platform was basically designed for an audience that mainly rests in order to produce creative content. The other parts of entertainment that are acquired here are gaming-related talk shows, eSports tournaments, and personal streams of individual players as well. The main percentage of the viewer list is comprised of the age group of 18 and 34 years of age. The most famous games of Twitch that are under respective broadcasts are Fortnite, Dota 2, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Overwatch, and also Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as well.

The Twitch is also known for the charity events that are being organized via the host streams. The website has successfully raised US$75 million via 2017 and is on the parch of raising more events for charitable trusts as well.

BANNED Content

In the United States, Twitch users have also forbidden to stream any game that is basically rated “Adults Only” via the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). Also, in any geographical region, ‘overtly sexual content’ is forbidde from the use of third-party services too. In doing that, Twitch has already banned many games holding sensitive and sexual content.

Delete the Twitch videos of Past viewed Broadcasts

However, the main questionnaire is build on how you can delete the past broadcasts from Twitch? Every streaming channel has its settings in order to delete past broadcasts. Or history that an individual does not want to keep. Uploaded videos, highlights, clips, past broadcasts, and also archive content on your channel can also remove via a medium. The medium is not known to everyone as well. So, here it is before you can delete the past viewed broadcasts from your Twitch channel.

Through a Computer

The first step that you guys can do in order to delete the broadcasts can be performed via a computer. You can take the help of your desktop app of Twitch or log in to as well. In doing this, you are ready to move in the direction one step further as well.

Tap on your icon image

When you log in to your Twitch account, then you have to tap on the image icon that appears in the upper right corner of your browser or application window.

Video Producer

When you tap on your image icon, you will get a panel of subheadings that would need your attention. You will get an option such as a video producer. Tap on the icon. This option is channeling along with Creator and Channel Dashboard. You will get the list of videos when you click on this.

The next step that follows the highlight option that appears in three vertical dots as well. From the drop-down menu that appears, tap on the delete option in order to erase all the videos.

With a Phone or Tablet

The first step basically stays the same. You have to head to in a web browser. You guys can use any browser of your choice in order to delete the past broadcasts. And you can also make it easy for you when you can opt for a desktop view.

The steps mentioned for the computer stay the same for the phone as well. The highlights are the tunnels in order to curate your past Broadcasts into shorter video segments actually. You can do all types of functions from the Video Producer as well. Also, you can click on the three vertical dots in order to delete your videos from any of the sections you have to decipher.

You guys can take down these steps or note them down in brief. So that when you are going to delete the videos as well, it is easy for you to do it instantly. Or you will have to read one by one and then proceed to the target as well.

Twitch is also the leading streaming channel that is crossing the profits at an easy percentage. You can also check the highlights of the channel that earns million in each and every fifteen minutes. It is easy to get all services under one shelter that this specific platform is capable of. The versatility of the channel is undermine via its growth.


Well, That all from my side. If you want to know more about this “delete past broadcasts twitch” article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

Have a Good Day!

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