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How to Delete iPhone Call History – Tutorial

Delete iPhone Call History
Written by Hassan Abbas

On iPhones running iOS 13 and later, you can see your call history and erase all calls from the Recents list or if you want, you can just remove individual calls. This article actually shows you how to do that. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Delete iPhone Call History – Tutorial. Let’s begin!

Keep in mind that if you have iCloud Drive turned on, any changes you make to the call history on your iPhone will be mirrored on all other devices that can take calls and are signed in to the same Apple ID.

Delete call history on iPhone

Open the Phone application on your iPhone and then you need to follow these steps to delete calls from your history.

  • Choose the Recents tab at the bottom.
  • You can also pick All or Miss at the top. Just note that clearing all history, as described below, will erase all calls from both All and Missed as well.

If you want to remove a specific call, swipe it from right to left and tap Delete.

In order to remove all calls, tap Edit at the top, Clear All, and then confirm by tapping Clear All Recents.

Delete iPhone Call History

Note that if you don’t see the options to erase your call history as described in the steps above. Then your ‌iPhone‌ is running an old version of Apple’s mobile operating system and it needs to be updated to ‌iOS 13‌ or later.

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