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How to Delete EXIF ​​Data from Photos In Mac

Delete EXIF ​​Data from Photos In Mac
Written by Hassan Abbas

Our photos store huge amounts of information that is invisible to the naked eye. It is about some metadata (called EXIF) that collect aspects of the moment, place and device that the image took and that at a certain moment you may want to eliminate. So, let’s see how to delete EXIF data from photos with the Mac.

It is a tutorial similar to the one we saw a few days ago where we showed how to remove this data from an iPhone. So if this topic interests you, do not forget to take a look.

Delete EXIF ​​Data from Photos In Mac

Remove EXIF data from a photo with Preview on Mac

This trick will like you if yours are keyboard shortcuts. Because you can do it almost without looking at the screen of your Mac. Follow these steps:

Delete EXIF ​​Data from Photos In Mac

Step 1: Open the photo to which you want to remove the EXIF data.
Step 2: Press cmd + A to select the full image.
Step 3: Press cmd + C to copy that selection.
Step 4: Create a new preview file with cmd + N, where the image you just copied will appear.
Step 5: Press cmd + S to save the new file and select the format you want.
Step 6: Check that the EXIF data has been removed from your photo with cmd + I to launch the inspector.

And that’s it. With this simple trick, you will have deleted all EXIF data from your photo from the Mac. No third party apps or use cloud services. Although the downside is that we should do it one at a time and not with several photos at once. For that, we have a solution.

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Remove EXIF data from multiple photos with ImageOptim for Mac

There is a way to eliminate this metadata from several of your photos at once, without having to resort to a web service. For this, we are going to use the ImageOptim app for Mac, which is also free. Once you have it installed, follow these steps:

Delete EXIF ​​Data from Photos In Mac

Step 1: Prepare the photos to which you want to delete your EXIF data and open ImageOptim.
Step 2: Drag them to the app and wait for them to do their “magic”.
Step 3: Select the images again and drag them to a folder.
Step 4: Open them with Preview, press cmd + I to open the inspector and verify that the EXIF data has disappeared.

End. With this free app, you can delete this metadata as many times as you want and quickly. Now you will be able to share your photos without having to give all the information that enclose the EXIF data in your file.

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