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How to Delete Chrome Downloads Automatically

How to Delete Chrome Downloads Automatically
Written by Hassan Abbas

Surely on more than one occasion, you have had to deal with the cumbersome Chrome bar when it comes to managing downloads. Little by little, notices of downloads of all types of files that have been finalized and that you have to eliminate by hand accumulate. A nuisance that the browser extensions of Google can solve.

It’s one of the advantages that Chrome offers. Have extensions for everything imaginable (and sometimes unimaginable) while using them without control of them can cause Chrome to become slower and heavier. Taking this premise as a starting point (a reasonable use of the extensions) today we are going to discover an extension how Clear Downloads is.

How to Delete Chrome Downloads Automatically

It is an extension without secrets that does what it promises. Each time a download ends in Chrome, the notification in the bottom bar of the browser is automatically removed.To get the same go to the link we have seen before or if we prefer the Chrome Extensions Store. We can find it in the “Settings”, in “More Tools” which will open a new menu with the option to select “Extensions”.

We search for “Clear Downloads” in the store and click on “Add to Chrome”. A warning alerts us if we wish to install this extension. Click on “Add extension”. It will then open a new window in which Chrome tells us that this extension has been added to those that we have installed in the browser.

And if at any time we want to disable or eliminate it, as with any other installed extension, we must follow the aforementioned route. “Configuration> More Tools>” Extensions “and there use one of the two available options.

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