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How to Crop a Photo Using Editing Tools Or App

Written by Hassan Abbas

How to Crop a Photo: You could be tapping some amazing selfies but there are few moments when your picture looks amazing but the background left a little bit awkward. Maybe you’ve all the necessary parameters for a good photo including focus, white balance, tone, and brightness and then you thought that a dirty pair of jeans is left sitting on a chair in the back.

Well, no need to worry! We’ve got you covered. There is still a way or two to save the picture.

How to Crop a Photo:

Cropping yourself or replacing the background from a picture you’re in can only be done through third-party apps on Android. In this guide, we’re using two different apps to crop yourself or an object and past it onto a different background.

Using Cut Cut app

Step 1:

At first download and install the Cut Cut app from Google Play.

Step 2: 

Then open the app and tap edit.

A new window open where you’d be shown pictures from your gallery. For the app to show pictures, remember that you grant storage permissions.

Step 4:

Then Select a picture from which you choose to remove a background. This could be a picture you want to crop from its surroundings.

Step 6:

On the next page, you can choose the subject you want to crop from the picture by brushing over it.

Once done the brushed-over portion of the picture is colored in red (with opaqued background).

  • You can also change the brush size by sliding through the yellow slider.
  • Simply zoom in into the picture to brush the subject with precision.
  • By mistake, if you brushed over a portion that needs no be cropped, you can click on the Eraser icon and brush again to undo the mistake.
  • You can undo or redo last moves by clicking on the reverse and forward arrows at the top.
Step 7:

Click on the tick mark at the bottom right.

Step 8: 

Choose the characteristics and dimensions of the cropped subject:

  • Resize: By tapping and dragging the double-headed arrow, you can resize or minimize the subject.
  • Duplicate: You can make a duplicate copy of the cropped subject by clicking on the +1 icon.
  • Mirror: The cropped picture can be reversed with a mirror effect by clicking on the inverted arrow icon.
  • Remove: Clicking the x icon will remove the cropped picture from the background.
Step 9:

Once the cropped picture is tuned, you can then choose a new background for it. Select from either of the following tabs to paste (Ctrl+V) background behind the cropped subject.

  • Online: Clicking on the Online tab will get you pictures to select from the Cut Cut app itself for your use.
  • Unsplash: Selecting the Unsplash tab will let you choose a background from Unsplash. It specializes in stock photographs from over 110,000 contributing photographers and a library of over 810,000 photos.
  • Gallery: When you click on the Gallery tab choose a new background for your cropped picture from your own gallery/internal storage.
Step 10:

Select a picture from any of the three tabs listed above.

Step 11: 

Click on the preview picture.

Step 12:

Repeat step 8 if you want to change the cropped image.

Step 13:

After editing click on Save to end the process. The saved picture will be visible on your phone storage.

Using PhotoLayers app

Step 1:

Firstly, Download and install the PhotoLayers app from Google Play.

Step 2: 

Now Open the app.

Step 3:

Click on Load a background image.

Step 4:

Choose a picture.

Step 5: 

Select the image parameters for the background image.

Step 6:

Click Done. The background picture is now set.

Step 7:

Tap on Add Photo button at the top in the next window.

Step 8: 

Choose the picture you want to add as a cropped subject.

Step 9: 

Now Adjust the dimensions of the second picture.

Step 10:

Click Done.

Step 11:

In the next window, you can remove the unwanted elements of the overlaying picture. Try different tools to crop the image. These tools are:

  • Auto
  • Magic
  • Manual
  • Zoom
  • Repair
  • Cursor Offset
Step 12:

Once the cropping-related editing complete, click on Done. The cropped picture will be covering the top of the background that we added before (on Step 6).

Step 13:

You can move and resize the cropped picture by tapping and dragging on any of the arrows on its frame.

Step 14:

Click Save to complete the process.

Step 15:

Click Save again when prompted.

Step 16:

Press Finish to save the edited photo in the gallery.


Here is a complete guide on how to crop a photo. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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